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    New Website Skins!

    MedeDust whipped up his magic again and we're now presented with a fantastic set of skins for our viewing pleasure!

    Not only a single, standard skin, but also an updated Fluid design, and some special treats for us to gawk at for a good while...

    Click below to check them all out!

    The first time you switch to a different style, it may take awhile to load (this is because it is caching the background, so be patient with it).

    The top two are the general two. The first being the standard, neutral one. The top right is the Fluid design, and the bottom two are new faction-specific skins. A REDD-themed one and a BLUE-themed one.

    You can always switch between them at the bottom of each page:

    In addition to that, updated media banners/backgrounds!

    Big thanks to MedeDust for spending the effort to get us these. Hopefully you all like them!
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    Re: New Website Skins!

    Already had them on and I do like them

    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: New Website Skins!

    Wow this looks fantastic, great work.


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    Re: New Website Skins!

    Dayum. These army-specific ones are sexy. Thanks for the awesomeness, Mede!

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    Re: New Website Skins!

    Quote Originally Posted by KazuhLLL View Post
    Dayum. These army-specific ones are sexy. Thanks for the awesomeness, Mede!
    Dat BLUE
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    Re: New Website Skins!

    I love the BLUE skin. Thanks Mededust

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    Re: New Website Skins!

    Das nice, good job once again Mede.

    Now with Low Level Radiation!

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    Re: New Website Skins!

    I kinda liked the old Youtube skin better D:

    But these Faction skins are kick ass!
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    Re: New Website Skins!

    REDD is sexy. Though the ones on the right are a much darker color then the ones on the left. Is this because the red is over the blue?


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    Re: New Website Skins!

    /underground hipster
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