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    Re: To all the FC Girl's

    So..... That was different. Raptor.. Gatorade?

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    Re: To all the FC Girl's

    Yeah, im not thristy bro. Already have a girlfriend

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    Re: To all the FC Girl's

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor A015 View Post
    I want to thank and support all the girls of FC Wars for their support and team skills in Forerunner Conflict. This is why Girls and Boys should always play together instead of playing without eachother. Nobody cant say that boys are better than girls or girls are better than boys. We just love to play for fun and games, enjoying ourselves. Fuck with the fights and arguring, hug and make up. Get to it! Girl Gamers and Boy Gamers Rule! Enjoy Life Kitties!

    This right here is smart.

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    Re: To all the FC Girl's

    I read that post, and was immediately made aware of

    A). How few girls will see his post.
    B). How few girls we have on the site.
    C). How many non-girls posted in the topic.

    This is a polarizing topic.

    I like it.

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    Re: To all the FC Girl's

    My Name is Dunbar.

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