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    Killzone 3 > FPS

    After the reading the title a thought may have passed through your cerebellum. Was that though "wtf is this r meanz?"...possibly but highly unlikely.

    What this post really is about has nothing to do with anything above. This post is me simply saying "see ya in a month possibly".

    Most of you are saying "good riddens" some might say "thank god" or possibly something more vulgar. Whatever it is you are thinking matters only to yourself.

    So without further a due...

    See ya fuck-o's.

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    I miss him already.
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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Alright now it's time to have that party we all wanted to have while he was gone! Met get the cake.

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Loco, I just want you to know that the bonus multi player experience thing is for the first 24 hours of multi player game play.... it doesn't matter when its just your first 24 hours actually playing it

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Bye Bye

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Killzone 3 makes me wish I had a PS3.
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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    I want my ps3 back.. but too bad the only 2 good games for that system is Killzone and LittleBigPlanet..

    But that might be worth getting again? lol

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    The only game on Ps3 that I will sorta respect, then kinda wish it was for xbox. Sadface.

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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Goddamnit, I got to set up my PSN Account. -.- And get this game.
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    Re: Killzone 3 > FPS

    Quote Originally Posted by KillaDawg360 View Post
    The only game on Ps3 that I will sorta respect, then kinda wish it was for xbox. Sadface.
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