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    Re: "Sarge": A Red vs Blue Movie

    Quote Originally Posted by McKenna View Post
    Church Died in the EMP back in the meta series, he was lived on by the Epsilon AI. That version was with Carolina as they both went to kill the Director and at the end of last season they we're talking about correcting the things they did wrong and Carolina and Church disappeared
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    Re: "Sarge": A Red vs Blue Movie

    Never said they won't be, I know they will return this season more than likely at the very end.

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    Re: "Sarge": A Red vs Blue Movie

    You might have noticed that they the changed chest plates for season 11, it's the Stalker chest plate, not the Mark VI chest plate.

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    Re: "Sarge": A Red vs Blue Movie

    Oh my, I didnīt even know season 11 was out. Thought it came out a couple days after he Championship bundle. I loved it
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