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    All I Want For My Birthday...

    I turn 21 on this Wednesday, September 4th.

    For the record: no, I do not plan on going and getting drunk. I've got better things to do.

    Anyway, I want a single birthday present from all you guys:

    Stop bickering. Stop being dicks. Stop hating each other, and start cooperating.

    You guys really irritate me sometimes. All of you. Most of you. All of you.

    I do WAY too much work around here for you guys to just go and fuck everything up, and then refuse to fix it. Stop it, or I seriously won't just keep putting up with it forever.

    I could care less about what happens. But, there's only one sure-fire way to actually solve this problem, so I was kind enough to embolden it above.

    This is directed to both sides.

    Good night everyone!
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    Re: All I Want For My Birthday...

    Happy Birthday!
    "I bought a xbox one to watch my team suck in HD"

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    Re: All I Want For My Birthday...

    (dem feels when you make MYTH upset)

    it never happens.

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