Max and I bring you guys some more news, including some more information of Battlefield 4, Destiny and the SteamBox. Check it, son

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The Weekly Update - unchained and on the loose.

Behold, the box art for Destiny. Tune in tomorrow for a new trailer & a kick ass announcement!

Destiny Pre-Orders Grant Access to Beta, Launching in Early 2014

Something's living deep inside our Moon, and it's not friendly. The latest #Destiny trailer

Valve's first Steam Machine prototype is crazy powerful

Playing video games on Xi3's Piston living room PC / game console]Battlefield 4 Beta Now Open [/url]

'We should be slapped' for Battlefield 3's unlocks, says DICE creative director

Battlefield: Bad Company franchise will make a comeback, says director

Xbox Live Gold members will get “Might & Magic Clash of Heroes” & “Halo 3” #Free in October

How Dead Rising 3, Project Spark & Just Dance 2014 will use Xbox One's Smart Glass

#XboxOne game Fable Legends gains the support of series steward Peter Molyneux.

Kinect 2.0 sees your face, muscles, and soul. Maybe not that last one.

New Vids Explore The Eyes and Brains of Xbox One Kinect

New Kinect can understand two people talking at the same time

Xbox One DVR features will let you record video commentary for game clips

Xbox One day one patch download to take 15-20 minutes

Update: The latest GTA Online title update has now gone live for Xbox 360.

Warner Brother Games Montreal to add 100 dev jobs via $1.5 Million investment from gvt.

Half-Life 3 trademark removed from European database

Valve Database Reveals Two Teams Potentially Working on Half-Life 3

Lawyers for college football players say killing the NCAA Football series was not their intent.

A glimpse of the work being done on College Football 15, right up to its abrupt end.

Announcing the Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt Sweepstakes -- awesome loot awaits (Begins Oct.11)

So, Maxis is exploring the possibility of making an offline mode for the always-online SimCity...

Bioshock Infinite trailer goes on an 80s-esque hunt for Rapture

Playing through BioShock Infinite's compelling Burial at Sea

Tom Clancy has died at the age of 66.

How Assassin's Creed IV uses the PS4's touchpad

Sony reveals that #PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall's file size is around 50GB

Dude tries selling a copy of GTA V for PC on eBay. Comes on a disk. Not disc. Disk.

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