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    Black Friday Map Testing!

    ~Yup, this shit again~

    Tonight at 9PM EST I'll be hosting yet another map testing event. While the many impromptu map testings we've had have given us a wide array of maps to choose from for next war, we are still lacking in the 6v6 and 8v8 department. Hence this.

    Tonight we need 12-16 people on to test some forged 6v6 and 8v8 maps for next war, especially as the capital battle comes ever closer, and the forge department will spend a large portion of peacetime testing gametypes. Again, if you want your voice heard, show up and test some maps with us. Tell us the ones you hate, and embrace the ones you like. Otherwise what goes into next war is up in the air. This is meant to be a long process, so lots of tests give us an accurate image of what we can expect and what you as a community want.

    So get involved. If you have a map you want tested, have it on your file share and tell me. Otherwise, if you just want to test and rate, add me or message me here on the forums or ingame at GT: Anarchyz11 and we can get you involved.

    Want things to be more fun? Having the right maps is a start. Making things fun takes some work, all I ask of you guys is to play and rate some new maps, it's not hard, so lets do it.

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    Re: Black Friday Map Testing!

    i might be there. i have to finish making my own map, and i'm heading to the movies soon
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    Re: Black Friday Map Testing!

    I'll be there!

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