Game/Item to be Reviewed: Bioshock 2 DLC; Minerva's Den

Reason for Review: For anybody who is contimplating on buying Minervas Den

Let me Start off by saying this: To those who don’t know, you do not play as Subject Delta in this DLC!

It is unsure when Minerva’s Den takes place during the timeline of the main story; however, it is before the ending.... Minerva’s Den provides a extra 4-6 hours of game play, depending on the difficulty. (I played on medium and it took me 5 hours).

You take the role as Subject Sigma, another Alpha Series of Big Daddy who has broken free of Lamb’s the mind control. Sigma is told by a man named C.M. Porter that a machine named The Thinker runs Rapture, keeps everything in line and on time. A man named Reed Wahl has betrayed Porter and took The Thinker for himself, abusing the machine to rule for himself. Reed had Porter arrested and sent to Persephone. Persephone is a dark, cold, scary place where you simply disappear. It’s obvious that Porter has other plans…anyways.

Just like in the main story of Bioshock 1 & 2, you start off with nothing, Same thing with Minerva’s Den, however the more you snoop around the more tonic’s, weapons, weapon upgrades and Plasmids you’ll find. Minerva’s Den isn’t something you just run n’ gun through unless you have a death wish. The new weapon called the Ion Laser is fun, real fun. And the new Plasmid, Gravity Well, is even better! A few new enemies appear and a few old ones make an appearance. One of the most obvious new baddies is the Lancer. The Lancer is one mean Daddy, carrying one of those laser doo-dads (see what I did there) and the ability to stun/blind you isn’t very helpful. Make sure you are fully suited up for health and eve and a shit-load of ammo…maybe even some security bots for a good but abruptly short distraction.

Speaking of security bots Minerva’s Den will show you a few more advanced versions of “security”….or straight out blunt ass kicking.

While it provided a great new story and even better new gadgets I wish it was a little longer or the gadgets were introduced a little earlier.

Minerva’s Den receives a 8 out of 10.