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    Fanfic Character History

    Tie in to recent Red Vs Blue

    Name: [REDACTED]
    Born: May 27th, 2510
    Birthplace: City of New Legaspi, Katagalugan, Mars
    Hair: Blackish Grey
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 6 Foot 4 Inches

    -Subject's Parents find it increasingly difficult to keep out of certain radical spheres of influence. While the subject abhors violence against civilian targets, he speaks freely of his dislike for the U.N.S.C Control of other planets.
    -[REDACTED] has been sent to Montez Military Academy, on Planet Reach
    - [REDACTED] appears to be finally accepting U.N.S.C Jurisdiction, and has been successful in all combat and mental training. <2530>
    -[REDACTED] scores are highest in regards to solitary military action. While he works reasonable with a team, he often goes off by himself to accomplish goals that would benefit the group without a teammate to overlook him. This might be seen as reckless, and will be taken note of. <2531>
    -[REDACTED] has been chosen by the powers that be to attend Luna OCS as well as be placed in the 105th MEU (SOC) <2532>

    //SERVICE RECORD// [LUNA OCS] [2532 - 2536]
    -[REDACTED] is to be transferred under the command of [//FILE NOT FOUND//] for a separate briefing, and then to be sent to the field in the 7th Battalion of the 105th MEU (SOC)

    //SERVICE RECORD// [105th MEU (SOC) 7BN A CO 1 PLT] [2536]
    -The Lieutenant seems to be getting the hang of things well, and enjoys sparring with the men. He is becoming more sociable.

    -05/27/2532 [REDACTED] has been promoted to First Lieutenant
    -05/30/2536 [REDACTED] has been promoted to Captain
    -05/29/2540 [REDACTED] has been promoted to Major
    -08/23/2552: Battle of New Alexandria, Reach (All forces retreat to UNSC Bastogne)
    -[INCIDENT REPORT], Redacted has been demoted to First Lieutenant
    ([REDACTED] has struck a superior officer, accusing him of leaving the rest of the group to die. He has been reduced in rank and is in for transfer)
    -[REDACTED] has been transferred to the 305th MEU (SOC) under the command of LtCol J.C. Hopper.
    -09/20/2552: [REDACTED]s Pod lands at New Mombassa, Earth and is part of the initial force there for the first battle. The 105th lands behind the 305th for the 2nd battle of New Mombassa.
    -11/08/2552-11/17/2552 [REDACTED] participates in mixed Guerrilla attacks against covenant forces in and around Voi, Kenya. Following the evacuation of [RATS NEST] Facility, [REDACTED] is in the initial pelican drop to secure Instillation 00. He, with scattered remnants of the 105th, 305th, and a lone Spartan, meet up with the Forward Unto Dawn. He later takes part in the assault on the control room, which resulted in the subsequent killing of the Prophet of Regret.
    -[REDACTED] arrives home on Earth with the survivors of the battle. Com Data sent via Spartan 117s Helmet locates Instillation 03.
    -305th ODST is sent to Instillation 03 for decommission. [//FILE NOT FOUND//] accompanied them to bring the data back to [//FILE NOT FOUND//].
    -LtCol J.C. Hopper is now a traitor to the UNSC. He is A.W.O.L with an artifact that [//FILE NOT FOUND//] After [//FILE NOT FOUND//]. His whereabouts are unkown and [REDACTED] seems particularly upset about this, as do the rest of the 305th.

    -After the liquidation of civilians at [//FILE NOT FOUND//] to cover up the events of [//FILE NOT FOUND//], LtCol J.C. Hopper went A.W.O.L. The Local ONI Team on the ship was spaced, and the group branded a threat to local UNSC Operations. UNSC Bastogne, however, was prevented from getting into rebel hands when Battle Group [//FILE NOT FOUND//] Blew the ship in half. Most of the crew was gone, [REDACTED] Among them. Upon Interrogation of the survivors he appears to be on Venezia.
    -Shipping logs from Venezia have seen target go to a planet erased off of our records. This event has been logged for further investigation once the events of Requiem come to a close.


    -The Fair Maiden Landed Today and an un named mercenary joined up with the local New Republic Forces. Hopefully this will help the cause. It seems Locus and the Federation has taken an interest in a lone ship that has crashed.

    Welcome to Chorus

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    Re: Fanfic Character History

    You should make a character in the FC universe
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    Re: Fanfic Character History

    You should join the RP

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    Re: Fanfic Character History

    Quote Originally Posted by Muggsy View Post
    You should join the RP
    Fight fast, Fight hard- Fighting Falcons

    Name: Kane J Haytham
    Skills: Guerrila Warfare, Night Engagements, Demolition
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment: M52B Marine Battle Armor
    In Command Of:Imperial Marine x 665 (uninjured) 56 (injured)
    Imperial Sniper x23
    Imperial Ground Officer x 37
    M52B Marine Battle Armor x 721

    Name: Sergei Volosheninov
    Skills: space piloting, large scale naval combat, atmospheric piloting
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment:Body Suit
    In Command Of: 1 Imperial Pilot(s), 1 Space Suits(s)
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