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    Sig Request for Me!!!

    Sig/Banner/Wallpaper/Other?: Signature

    Render/Stock Image:

    Text: "Ominous Solace" and "Madness is the Emergency Exit!"

    Specific Colors: Preferably what goes with the Image

    Specific Size: I think I want 500X150

    Special Requests:

    Thanks a Lot
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    Re: Sig Request for Me!!!

    Sig request denied. :p
    Zyr Vivacitas' Squad

    Character Traits: Atmospheric Piloting, Space Piloting, Night Engagements

    GA-TL1 Longsword Interceptor x2
    B-65 Shortsword Bomber x1
    Pilot x3
    M7 Caseless SMG x3

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    Re: Sig Request for Me!!!

    oh ok.

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