The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

Chapter 1: Awakening

Jeremy fell to his knees as a shock rocked the ship, landing next to the ship's captain's lifeless corpse. He looked up in time to see an elite raise his sword, and a shot from behind explode it's head. He backed into a nearby console and clutched his pistol, wondering how things could have gone so wrong...

Jeremy awoke, straining forward and smashing his face on the glass in front of him. As the familiarity of his surroundings worked their way into his mind, he calmed down. It was the same nightmare again. The same one he always had. The memory of his first battle. He was grateful he woke up when he did. The glass in front of him shifted, and the cryotube opened up. He was lieutenant Jeremy Treben, Service Number 59482-96242-JT, and he was on the pericles class command ship “The Azmodeus.” He lurched out of the cryotube, and vomited up the cryoinhalent. Tasted just as bad as the first time. He turned his head to either side and observed the rest of the crew coming out of cryosleep.

Admiral Willows. He was an odd man, but he was brilliant. His enemies feared his ruthless mind, and his allies feared his madness. He never lost in space. He was already heading to the showers to clean himself off.

General Oz. Jeremy liked him, he was extremely honour bound. Unlike his counterpart Admiral, he was in charge of the ground forces, and deadly serious about his duties. He was examining a small frostburn gained during his sleep.

Seargent Jestin, a lifelong friend of Jeremy's. They enlisted together. Jestin turned to Jeremy, shooting him a smirk, before doubling over again.

As Jeremy scanned the rest of the crew, the ship shook. Suddenly more alert, Everyone began putting their clothes on without shower as a voice went over the intercom. "Imperial Ships incoming, all hands report to battle stations." Throwing on his clothes, he rushed towards the armoury. If the imperials had detected them already, then they didn't have much time left. He arrived to see his team gearing up, and he grabbed his armour and assault rifle. Signaling once to his men, they began their march to the teleportation bay. It was their job to secure the 23 Librae sector. Only one bastion of imperial resistance remained, a planet code named “Radiant”. The imperials, having been defeated in the last great war, came back with a vengence, and the Brotherhood was fighting for every inch of space they could grab. The boarding Craft would be launched to the surface, and they would teleport down to fight the imperials. The ships in orbit would finish the remainder of the fleet here. This planet had been sieged for weeks, so the imperials didn't have a huge presence here.

His squad passed Another heading to the port boarding craft. Unlike them, they would be reserved for ship based combat. It wasn't unlike the admiral to try and take some spoils of war in the form of enemy ships. He entered the teleportation terminal and was blinded by a bright light. He raised his rifle, looked grimly forwards, and prepared for combat.