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    Extras: Battle of Radiant: Damian's viewpoint

    Damian sat back in the command chair. His eyes unfocused as reports zoomed past his screen and he seemed to absorb every word, despite information arriving at a pace that might trouble a dumb AI. He smiled. The enemy consisted of two Remus-Class Assault Frigates, one Romulus-Class Destroyer, one Carus-Class Destroyer, and one Titus-class fleet carrier. That was unexpected, he thought to himself. He supposed that it's repair bays were how they lasted these past few weeks. well, no more now that i'm here. He thought to himself, his smile widening.

    His fleet consisted of the mighty Flagship "The Azmodeus". Technically it was a pericles class ship, but it was more comparable to a superheavy cruiser, with 3 super heavy phased MAC cannons, 4 Normal MAC cannons, and a massive 300 archer missile pods. It had every upgrade the Brotherhood would give it, and then some upgrades that he had "acquired" through other channels. Alongside it, he had two Athena Class broadsword carriers, a solon class assault carrier, and nearly ten Aristotle-Class Destroyers at his disposal. Unknown to all except a few, he also had a Proclus-Class Stealth Prowler and two Plato-Class Stealth Corvettes.

    He cracked his fingers, waited a moment, and then began shooting off rapid fire orders.

    "Send message: Tetra-4 out across fleetcom, encryption code black."

    Nobody knew the contents of this message except for one group aboard the corvettes. A group of spartans specifically hand chosen for a mission he had. Technically, Oz led the ground ops, but some things just had to be worked around. Oz knew nothing of this force.

    He began typing, speaking out loud over fleetcom on a live channel as he did so.

    "Destroyers, spread out into five groups, Our AI Samora will send coordinates. Two a piece. Use emergency thrusters to avoid hits while moving, then Disperse hits along both shields. The azmodeus will move directely in with our carriers and open fire on their fleet carrier. Alpha 1-2 are to focus attention on Frigate Alpha. Destroyer groups Alpha 3-4 focus on Frigate Bravo. Destroyer group 5, keep their destroyers attention away from us. Carrier, release All ships, through up a missile screen to give them cover. Samora will detail firing solutions."

    He checked over his reports, looking for one in particular. There it was, and there it went. Samora tracked his eyes as he read over the report detailing that his spartans had begun landing at Alpha site and erased it as he read it. The main attack there was nothing more than a diversion. When the imperials had taken the planet, they had also taken a certain artifact from his possession. This artifact, of forerunner origins, was so important to his plans, he had given a specialized teleportation pad to his spartans, still a prototype. He had also given them a device, one which he said would purge the security logs once brought to the mainframe, erasing the spartans from being there. He smirked. Erasing.

    He watched from a viewscreen as the titus's shields flickered ahead of him. It turned towards him and accelerated, clearly looking to ram him. Garrison troops, what could you do. He tapped a button to his side, and the titus's engines and shields dropped, and it lost all weapon power. Damian wasn't one to waste assets.

    "I've disabled the carrier, all troops, focus on their frigates and destroyers." Luckily both his corvettes and his prowler were free... Along with The Azmodeus with AI support. The imperials Electronic Warfare Systems were sorely lacking.

    He sat back and watched as a heavy Mac round slammed into a nearby destroyer, depleting it's shields. A screen of centurion missiles approached, but was decimated by the combined point defense of the two destroyers. The stronger destroyer moved in front of the weaker as the weaker fired it's weapons one last time.

    Amused, he suddenely remembered one important detail he may have forgotten. "Samora, open a coms link to Oz will you?"

    "Yes sir." Samora replied, and Oz appeared quickly.

    Damian sat up straight. "Oz, i have an important message..." He paused a moment. "alpha go boom." He cut off the comslink and laughed. Ah, how he loved to fuck with Oz. Ground troops were never Damians thing, in fact, he despised the type of combat. Much to General Oz's horror, he frequentely wasted ground assets as if it were a game he were content to lose. Alpha would explode, taking the spartans with it and 'erasing' all trace of them. Too bad for the others, but they were expendable. Well, he got up, stretching, time to retire to his room, where his artifact awaited.

    A naval officer looked up, confused "Sir? The battle?"

    Damian looked around bored. "Battle? What battle. Send a boarding craft or two of ODST's to take that Titus and continue shooting the bad guys." He said sarcastically. "This is no battle, i'm retiring. Call me if there's a change in the situation."

    "Sir, yes sir." The naval officer replied. They would handle it from here. He had no interest in fighting garrison troops. They were not any challenge, and there would never be consequences for leaving the bridge during this fight. Not for him. Soon enough though, he'd be on the front lines again.
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