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    Chaotic Incarnation of God: Chapter 2

    The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

    Chapter 2: Touchdown

    The light around Treben faded quickly, and he found himself facing one of the Brotherhoods Boarding craft, which had been dropped to the surface to deploy large amounts of troops quickly. He spun around, putting his back to the craft, and dropped to a crouch in one swift move, raising his rifle. No enemies, yet he could hear the sounds of combat nearby. A facility lay nearby, on the other side of the boarding craft, and he could see his comrades teleporting in around him and orientating themselves. The terrain was grassy, with hills along one side and a large body of water to the other. He moved around the boarding craft, and began approaching the facility nestled in the hills, and soon enough the others followed suit. He broke into a sprint as he saw HEV pods landing in and around the facility. Odd, he thought to himself. His men were the only ones assigned to this area... Was there a mistake? Those men were needed elsewhere. A bullet shot past him and he realized he had far outpaced the others. He swore and dropped down to a prone. 3 Men approached him in imperial uniforms, and he lay still. They were focused on his men. He looked up to see an HEV pod rapidly approaching his position, before it struck a few dozen feet ahead of him. Jeremy looked just in time to see the impact, before he was struck with debris and fell unconcious.

    Jeremy awoke to Jestin rolling him onto his back. He coughed, and tried to roll back over as his wounds were treated. "Are you alright?" Jestin asked.

    "I think so.." Coughed Jeremy. "What the hell was that? who's calling HEV's on our heads?"

    "well, to be fair, you were well ahead of schedule." Retorted jestin, gesturing to the three dead imperial soldiers nearby. "Although looks like they got far worse than a concussion. M739's, whoever was in that pod was geared up something big." Jeremy sat up, and looked towards the facility. He could hear gunshots from up ahead. Looks like i'm missing the fight, he thought to himself as he got up and stumbled forwards. Jestin caught him, and helped him stand, thinking he was going to escort him away, he started to object, but stopped as jestin smirked at him "What, thought i'd take you AWAY from imperials? i'd never hear the end of it." he smiled to himself. Jestin would always be there for him. Jeremy was glad just for a moment, that they could be together before jumping back into the fight.

    The radio crackled "All units, retreat from attack point alpha, repeat, retreat from-" The line cut dead, and a deafening roar was heard as an explosion ripped through the area. The entire facility ahead of them seemed to collapse in on itself before the radio crackled to life again "- alpha. Damn it, send search and rescue teams down immediately, wh-" and the line went out. Jeremy and Jestin watched together, in stunned silence as dropships were sent down.

    "We need to find out what happened.." Jestin mumbled, still in shock. Jeremy could hardly blame him, neither of them had been in many battles, and everything was happening so quickly. He knew what battle was like, but THIS, this was something entirely different. He had never had a battle end like this. He checked his ammo. Full, of course it was. They got up and headed to the highest point they could get to, a small hill overlooking their landing site. They saw soldiers heading back through the craft to the ship, and so many wounded... who had won this battle? Jeremy looked to Jestin, and saw the weary look on his friend's face. Not even Jestin was smiling anymore...

    "We should head back" Jeremy said, out in no direction in particular.

    "Yeah" Agreed Jestin, nodding absently.

    After a few moments had passed Jeremy looked back at him, "Jestin, we need to go." He pulled his friend to his feet, and they headed back to the boarding craft. Their IFF tags registered and he hit the button to return to the azmodeus. He looked back towards the facility, and saw a towering inferno of flame where there was once his mission objective. Dropships heading to the least damaged areas. Then, a bright flash of light.
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