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    Chaotic Incarnation of God Chapter 3

    The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

    Chapter 3: Apocalypse Eve

    It's been two weeks since the battle of radiant thought Jeremy. Two weeks and i still see the fires when i close my eyes. At least i have some new variety in my nightmares. Jestin wasn't even here with him. He was deemed unfit for duty. Trauma. He himself had barely passed the psyche test. He hoped Jestin got the help that he needed, he missed him.

    The war wasn't going well. Though the brotherhood secured the system by capturing Radiant, the imperials were pushing hard and fast into brotherhood territory. The brotherhood forces were holding the line along the front, but it would take a major victory to turn things around, they needed a whole lot of luck... especially with their new assignment. Damian's fleet, and by extension, Jeremy, were being assigned to one of the hottest systems. 111 Tauri. The imperials had taken one planet, code named lockout, and were assaulting two others, code named breakdown and perdition. A massive fleet was being sent in by both forces. 13 imperial brigades and 15 brotherhood brigades. If there was a decisive win on either side, it would spell doom for the loser.

    Damians fleet had either the hardest, or easiest job, depending how things went. As they arrived, the fleets were split into three groups. One brigade would be stationed at perdition, and another at breakdown. They were the strongest of the brigades, and would hold the line against the imperials, who outnumbered them 6 to 1. A massive 13 brigades would blitz lockdown, before turning around to attack the imperials. That is, if everything went to plan. If so, the imperials would be captured between the three teams, and decimated.

    Unfortunately, it worked the other way as well. If the imperials took both perdition and breakout and the brotherhood somehow failed to take lockdown, they'd be trapped and slaughtered. It was as close to an all in as things got, however they had numbers and positioning advantage, as the system was deep in blue territory. Even if perdition and breakout fell, as long as lockout was gained, all was not lost.

    Damian's fleet was positioned on perdition. It was the closest en route from radiant, and the other fleets had already moved out. Jeremy waited in the teleport bays. Depending on Damian's wishes, he and his squad would be sent either to board an enemy ship, or worse come to worse, evacuate to to the ground and hold the line there.

    One flagship, two broadsword carriers, an assault carrier, ten destroyers, and a newly liberated titus class orbit the planet.

    Would it be enough?

    Nearly 100 imperial ships approached. He clutched his rifle tighter. Damian always won...right?
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