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    Post Graphic for my YouTube Channel?

    Hey everyone looking for a simple LOGO. The Channel is called GamesAreMoreExcitingTM I was thinking it could Overall spell the word (GAME)

    Sorta like this is you get my drift? With Boldness or Emphasis on the first letter of each word.

    • Games
    • Are
    • More
    • Exciting

    Also, could you throw in like a male stick figure shoving his "girlfriend" away with one arm while holding onto a controller with the free hand?

    Thoughts? I'd appreciate any help with this guys.

    Thanks for your time to view my request.

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    Re: Graphic for my YouTube Channel?

    lol I'll see if I can whip something up.

    Eagle out.

    PS - Miss ya Game.
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    Re: Graphic for my YouTube Channel?

    wait, BBH aint dead?
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    Re: Graphic for my YouTube Channel?

    Change your name back to GAME


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