I'm a little dissapointed that this hasn't gotten as much attention as it used to. I admit the idea was great, but the effort that went into was kinda lacking at the end. Now, after destroying PKMN Y, I have been wondering what to do. I found an "app" for the IPAD that lets you play GBA/GB games (which i will link down below) and have started playing FireRed. What I found most interesting was this little mod for Minecraft called Pixelmon. My first thought was that it would be horrible, turns out I was very wrong. In terms of the gameplay it is 95% close to an actual battle. The sound is interesting as they use actual voices for the pokemon, not the game audio that I thought would be the case.

So basically here's the thing, I want to try and get this rolling again but with pixelmon implemented. Now unlike most people i'm not going to go straight in and start making a server, and to be honest i'm not sure I can, but what I will do is wait a bit and get peoples opinions on what they think about it and after we have a good set amount, maybe 10-20 people, we can start focusing on a server. I'm going to be honest, i'm not sure how this will go but at least I will get people interested in this amazing mod.