The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

Chapter 4: Rebirth

There was a buildup of energy, and the familiar bright light of the teleport bay washed over him. The light faded and jeremy raised his rifle, ready to engage any imperial threats. he looked around him, and took a headcount of his soldiers.. but.. something was wrong. They hadn't moved. They were still in the teleport bay. "Don't relax just yet" He shouted over his shoulder, as his men looked around in confusion. He ran from the room. Red emergency lights flickered throughout the ship. He hadn't felt any impacts.. were they hit? He made way quickly to the bridge. As he approached, a brilliant light flooded out from the door. As he entered, he could tell that a strange object in the center of the room was emitting the blinding light. The admiral was there, flanked by two spartans with assault rifles raised towards another group, a group with.... the general? he was surrounded by odsts, weapons raised towards the admiral.

Admiral Willows- " -ime we'll see eachother my dear friend."

General Oz- " You can't do this, i may have turned a blind eye to your little "secret operations" in the past, but no more. Men, kill this traitor!"

The odsts open fire, and a spartan steps between the admiral and the odsts, taking the shots. he opens fire, ripping the odst group to pieces as Oz falls to the ground. The other spartan turned to a nearby control panel and hit a button, and in a bright flash of light, oz and the others disappeared.

Admiral Willows- "It is time then. We cannot risk our plans on this battle, not yet. You, in the doorway. Come here."

Treben stood shocked at what he had just witnessed. Damian hadn't moved a step since he got there. not even to turn and face him. He dropped his rifle and entered the room. The light was hurting his eyes, but he felt compelled to move forwards.

Admiral willows- "It is a shame that our dear general did not see eye to eye with this on me."He turned to face Treben "but i don't think we'll have that problem will we? Treben, is it?"

Jeremy- "Sir? What about the imperial ships? They'll attack any moment!"

Admiral willows- "Do not worry about them. They are insignificant. As for you..." he paused, seemingly in deep thought. He reached into the holster at his side, pulling out a pistol. Jeremy's eyes darted to his rifle, left at the door, but before he could make a move, he felt a searing pain in his side and fell to the ground. He looked up with everything in a haze. Damian's haunted eyes appeared above him, leering down at him. "As for you... welcome to the spartan four program."

The light in the room increased impossibly bright, The pain in his eyes spread throughout his body. it felt like the light was trying to melt him into the floor, and then, darkness.

A hand reached out to him across the elite's body, and Jeremy looked up. Jestin smirked back at him. "Come now, i thought you could handle one elite by yourself" he laughed. Jeremy returned his smile, took his hand, and got up. Jestin would always be there to bail him out, he just worried that one day jestin would be the one needing help and he wouldn't be able to provide... He shook the thought away, there was still a battle to be fought. As if on cue, a nearby door blew open, and a half dozen grunts poured in. One through one of their sticky grenades, straight for jestin. Jeremy leapt up, hitting the grenade with his rifle, and tossing the doomed weapon back to the aliens. It detonated, spraying the room with blood and igniting the gases the little aliens breathed. They had to get out of the ship. They turned in unison towards the escape pods, when a plasma missile impacted the ship. Fire raced down the corridor, and the emergency doors sealed, cutting off the escape pods. They looked grimly at eachother, and jeremy faced down where the aliens had come from.

Jeremy- "Guess we have to hope to get lucky."

Jestin-" Let's head to the hangers, see if we can't 'borrow' a ship."

Jeremy- "you have any idea how to fly one if we got it?"

Jestin- "Nope"

Jeremy smiled again- "Didn't think so, let's go."

Jeremy couldn't move. The last thing he remembered was the teleporter failing and he was... was he shot?

He seemed to be in an infirmary, so the theory worked. He tried to sit up, but his muscles wouldn't respond right to his orders. He felt pain throughout his body. What the hell happened? A doctor walked by, but try as he might, he couldn't get his voice to work. The doctor checked a clipboard at the foot of his bed, and looking up, saw his open eyes. He seemed concerned.

Doctor- "You're not supposed to be awake yet. I apologize, but you'll have to go back to sleep for the time being."

The last words became garbled as the doctor flipped a switch, and everything went black again.

They were lucky, the aliens had already begun leaving the disabled ship, so their path was clearer than it should have been. Upon arriving in the hanger, there was no carrier ships remaining, however, there were two space-capable banshee fighters abandoned in the hanger. Seems like their pilots had been killed. Just their luck. Jestin and Jeremy sprinted down to them.

Jestin- "Let's grab some drinks after this is all over aye?"

Jeremy replied, getting in his banshee- "Sounds good, i could use some R 'n R"

The banshee sealed behind him, and they were off. explosions tore open the ship behind them.

Jeremy woke up with a start. It seems he was destined to never stop reliving his past battles. He thought of jestin. Where was he now?... bastard still owed him a drink.

He sat up, and was surprised and happy to see that his body responded to him now. he slid out of bed, but tripped and fell onto the cot beside him, which was thankfully empty. he didn't feel right. something was wrong with him. He looked around, all of the cots were empty, as a matter of fact, there were no doctors around at all. he stumbled towards the door. his movements felt too easy, as if the gravity was reduced. Was he still on the azmodeus? Wait, he remembered, there was a battle. if he was still alive, that must mean that they won right? But, the teleporters weren't working, he went to the bridge...

just then, the door opened, and a doctor stepped through. He looked terrified, and hit a button by the door before running out. Jeremy looked confused, he looked down at himself but didn't see anything wrong with him. Only... he seemed weaker than earlier. He slid down to his knees... it was as if.. something... he saw a pair of haunting blue eyes looking down on him, and then darkness...