The Chaotic Incarnation of God follows the life story of a man named Jeremy Treben as he takes part in an epic tale based off the FC:RP and the events of the FC war that will change the universe as we know it.

Chapter 5: Revelations

A voice woke him from his slumber. Jeremy tried to sit up but once again found his body unresponsive. A voice spoke to him, at once both calming and irritating.

???- "Easy now. it'll take awhile to get used to the new body. you're currently under heavy sedation. Do you know where you are? What's happened to you?"

what happened? how was he supposed to know that? He's been unconcious the whole time! right?

???- "Wrong. So you don't remember... that'll save time. You've been...conscripted to the brotherhood spartan IV project by Admiral Damian willows. that's all you need to be made aware of."

Save time? What the hell does that mean? common sense would say that would do the opposite of save any time.. and what the hell was with that voice that seemed to read his thoughts? and damian... something about him... was important...

???- "I am an AI given to you by Damian for... well, you don't need to know that. I'll be monitoring you for the next while. My name is Theros. You should rest, or your headache will only get worse."

He hadn't even noticed, but now that theros mentioned it, his head DID hurt. There was something he had to remember... but... later. perhaps he should sleep...

A screen winked on in front of Damian, and a viking with one half of his face burned off appeared before him. the avatar chosen by theros. Damian shifted his gaze lazily over. "Well? How is our new recruit?."

Theros- "Treatment is working, he doesn't remember anything from that day. there's a vague hint of it in his subconcious, but i can keep it supressed. I have to say, he's a good candidate, but his combat record indicates..."

Damian- "I know theros. That is why i chose him. He will be the marker of my victory. Despite being in numerous battles with both covenant and humans, he has never killed on purpose. He has seen the horrors of the universe, yet never attempted murder. Now, he will join me, and it will symbolize my victory over all of these horrors. The empire, the brotherhood, the covenant, the forerunners, the flood. All shall be ground to dust beneath my feet, for I shall become god incarnate!"

Theros had tuned damian out, as he always did on his rants. he was a strong leader that he'd follow to the abyss, but he did like his rants. He reviewed the file on Jeremy again. Killed a group of grunts with a thrown stuck weapon in panic, "killed" a group of brotherhood odsts during the initial wars while enlisted in the empire by sealing a door behind him as the corridor was breached, sucking them into space. The higher ups claimed it tactical genius, in reality he was just running from an overwhelming force. an imperial spartan taken down with a anti-tank weapon shortly after his defection was in reality killed by the very tank the weapons were meant to take down when it fired at the building jeremy was in and struck the spartan by friendly fire. several more imperial marines killed in the battle of radiant? struck by incoming drop pods that were "off the report" as per damians orders.

all of the other battles he had been in ended much the same, with fate conspiring to keep him 'pure'. Theros began listening in again, damian seemed near the end of his rant.

Damian- " Now, there are still several more artifacts that we must get before we can make our move. any miscalculations at this stage will be costly, we've already lost enough ground due to the perdition incident. Theros, check back in with our good friend. Samora? I assume you're listening in?"

A slender female figure in a tanktop and jogging pants appeared sitting down legs crossed. "Of course. I'll assume that you want a report?"

Theros, with a look of disdain towards samora.- "Must you dress so casually? this is a military warship! have some respect"

Samora, with a mischievous grin- " Oh, because your little dress up is adhering to the dress code around here." standing up, she walks over towards theros "Though it's cute how you at least spared me the computing power to show your hatred on your avatar."

Theros sputtered- "This is military uniform! Even if it's not the present day one..."

Samora grabbed his arm, pressing her avatar against him- "but why should you be the only one who can break the rules?" She said with a pout. "and.. hmm, my, now you didn't have to make your avatar that realistic." she said looking down.

Theros's avatar flashed lavender and winked out.- "I'll return after i check on the new recruit. Please, choose something more professional to wear.

Samora turned back to Damian, who was watching her with an eyebrow raised.

Samora- " Oh, you know he secretly likes it. Here's that report."

Words flashed across the screen.

Samora- "Other than the Azmodeus, one of the broadsword carriers, the assault carrier, and four destroyers made it into the field. the others have to be assumed lost."

Damian closed his eyes and sat back in his chair. - "So be it. The artifacts we've collected are on board the Azmodeus, and now without that fool Oz in the way, we'll make good progress on the others. Ships and men will be no issue to us after that."

Samora- "Yes, but sir, if he knows, then he's had all this time to gather enemies of ours.."

Damian- "Really? What will the other admirals believe? The mad, raving general rescued after he was captured on the planet by imperials, claiming half our fleet ripped a hole in time? or will they believe that the great admiral damian finally bit off more than he could chew against the imperial fleets, losing his life and all his ships? Regardless, just the simple act of rescuing him will take up enough time so that we need not worry.

Samora- "Yes sir. i'll sweep through the system once more, and make sure none of our other ships made it through... off course."

Damian- "Very well. I believe it's time i paid our new recruit a visit. I have a mission for him that will both test his new 'loyalty' and provide us with essential information about the state of the universe at this time."

Samora watched damian leave the room. Four months into the future. she was amazed, by all rights, it shouldn't have been possible to jump this far. she once again wondered just what kind of power damian had.