post questions and comments here. Some clarifications and explanations of things for those that can't read between the lines. most of these will be explained in depth in the story later on, also answers to questions that have already been asked.

no i am not making samora art/ 'side stories' or anything of the like.. yet.

the whole "corruption of he who hasn't killed" thing was inspired from the knife of never letting go and it's series. (great book, you should read it!)

Jeremy and Jestin are 'slightly' more than friends.

Yes, time travel. deal with it.

The flashbacks will be fewer in number after this, promise.

Yes, i will make up all kinds of ridiculous forerunner thing-a-ma-jigs to write myself out of any corners. deal with it.

Ai will be portrayed VERY human in my series. some AI will maintain a more distant personality, but others will be very outgoing. they will have emotions. look, AI are very advanced in this time period and somebody decided giving the machines emotions was a good idea, ok?

oz and damian hate each other, even if they can pretend to not want to stab each other in public.

damian is insane and his decisions sometimes reflect this. even if he's a brilliant strategist and tactician, he has human faults.