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    Anyone want to go back to the 1930s?

    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: Anyone want to go back to the 1930s?

    it's fake.

    and sure, i'm a white male who can lie about being a straight christian easily enough and i really like the music of the time. There's also no internet so i may not continue to waste away online and actually go do something with my life. i'd give it a shot at least. As long as i'm not in germany. i mean, sure nazi's suck, but my grandparents also lived there around that time. that can be a whole lot of other problems, i'll just stay in canada thx.
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    Re: Anyone want to go back to the 1930s?

    The flyers are real - they actually exist.

    However, the "fake" part would be that the letters are most likely not from the new pro-Russian government that just got installed in that city by force. It's probably just from some crazy guy or crazy men with a printer.
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    Re: Anyone want to go back to the 1930s?

    Either crazy people or pro unity making the new city state look bad

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