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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazing_Falcons
    From this day forward, anyone living in fear, anyone being oppressed, anyone losing their grip on freedom; will have someone to turn to. They can turn---To Falcon and Associates.
    (for a small fee. or a big fee. Well, you know, whatever they can afford.)

    So, anyone playing warframe, wants to join a clan, I got a little one going. there's only like, two of us including me. (Warframe name Blazing_Falcons) (eeeeuuuush. like my halo clan all over again.) back on track, we got a little clan base built, working our way to the weapons manufacturing area. need some help getting the materials. Hey, if anyone needs help getting a mission done i'm usually online.
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    Fight fast, Fight hard- Fighting Falcons

    Name: Kane J Haytham
    Skills: Guerrila Warfare, Night Engagements, Demolition
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment: M52B Marine Battle Armor
    In Command Of:Imperial Marine x 665 (uninjured) 56 (injured)
    Imperial Sniper x23
    Imperial Ground Officer x 37
    M52B Marine Battle Armor x 721

    Name: Sergei Volosheninov
    Skills: space piloting, large scale naval combat, atmospheric piloting
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment:Body Suit
    In Command Of: 1 Imperial Pilot(s), 1 Space Suits(s)
    some one's gonna have to tell me if I screwed up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Graycochea
    I live for ribbing Silko. He's like the site bear. Every once in a while, he'll come out of his interweb cave and when that happens, you need to take some shots before he disappears into hibernation again. I meant cheap shots, but I can see how that could be misconstrued as a hunting metaphor. I don't want to hunt Silko.
    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey
    Hee-haw motherf*****.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silko
    Bitch please. I already beat it and moved on to the next castle.
    I'm the king of the chatbox.

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