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    FC Accords - Article I: Principles, Conduct, and Punishments

    The Accords are the core document upon which the community stands and are written for the purpose of providing protection for members of Forerunner Conflict from threats to its established ideals and to provide a process by which the community may be directed.

    The Accords begin with establishing our ideals and how we deal with troublemakers. Everyone is expected to know and understand the details below. Ignorance is never a valid excuse.

    Article I
    Principles, Conduct, and Punishments

    1. Principles
    The foundation of Forerunner Conflict rests upon the principles of Respect and Fun. To ensure these principles are upheld, they shall be defined in these Accords.

    1.1 Respect, as the first principle on which this community stands, is defined as acknowledging the equality and dignity of another individual, regardless of rank, experience, or faction in the community, as well as one's race, religion, creed, or personal characteristics.
    1.2 Fun, as the second principle and also the functional purpose, is defined as the provision of opportunity with which individuals are able to enjoy themselves whilst participating in Forerunner Conflict.
    1.3 Disrespect, as the most intolerable defiance of these principles, is to be defined therefore as any willing gesture of inequality or damage to the dignity of another individual, or a bad faith attempt to disrupt the opportunity with which an individual may enjoy themselves, including but not limited to actions listed in these Accords.

    2. Conduct
    In order to provide an environment by which Respect and Fun may be experienced by all community members, the following are necessary definitions and expectations of community member conduct.

    2.1 Forerunner Conflict does not permit discrimination, harassment, insults, or any other direct violations of a person’s inherent dignity.
    2.2 On the forums, spamming, posting useless or inappropriate content, or inflammatory posts meant to start arguments are strictly prohibited.
    2.3 Tea-bagging, donkey-punching, trash-talking or any other form of desecration or disrespect to others during Forerunner Conflict events are disallowed.
    2.4 Hacking, glitching, tampering, modding, cheating, exploiting a flaw in a map or gametype, or any other method used to gain an unfair advantage during official events are forbidden.
    2.5 Performing any action which would discredit Forerunner Conflict or its values in any way is strictly prohibited.

    3. Punishments
    For all violations to the Accords of Conduct, a member may be issued a number of infractions which can compound to result in suspension from official events, restriction of permissions in the community and website, and temporary or permanent banishment from Forerunner Conflict.

    3.1 For all direct violations of another member’s inherent dignity, one or multiple infraction points will be issued based on severity.
    3.2 For all general instances of forum misconduct, a single infraction point will be issued.
    3.3 For all matters of desecration or disrespect to others during official FC events, one or more infraction points will be issued.
    3.4 Any member caught using any method to gain an unfair advantage during official FC events will be punished with one or more infraction points.
    3.5 Any member who discredits Forerunner Conflict or its values in any way will be issued a number of infraction points based on severity.
    3.6 Standard discipline for clear-cut tea-bagging cases is an automatic jump to three total infractions and must also redo their bootcamp. If a member already has 3 or more infractions, they will gain one or more infractions to that.
    3.7 Infraction points may compound over time. The following punishments are levied if and when a member reaches a certain amount of infraction points:
    (1) A warning not to break the Accords again.
    (2) A 48-hour forum ban and suspension from the following Battle Night.
    (3) A week forum ban and suspension from the following two Battle Nights.
    (4) A month forum ban and suspension from the following month's Battle Nights.
    (5) A permanent ban from all FC activities and websites.

    Attempting to escape these punishments, or to manipulate or otherwise undermine the authority of the Accords and the leaders who uphold them, will be met with further action.
    3.7 A member's infraction points decrease by 1 for every 3 months that passes without incident.
    3.8 A member may appeal to the War Council to have the punishment for their infraction lifted or reduced, and if it is found that the infraction was not warranted, it will be reversed.
    3.9 Army leadership may issue discipline on an army level as they see fit. A member who feels unfairly disciplined by his/her army may contact a War Director to appeal his/her case to War Council.
    3.10 War Council reserves the right to issue disciplinary action through infractions as needed on a case-by-case basis when needed.
    3.11 All community discipline will be enacted through the infraction system outlined above.

    4. Court Room Procedure
    Conduct violations and punishments are handled by two actions - Court Cases and Infraction posts. Court Cases are brought forward to members of the Court Room (War Council, Flag Officer, and Global Moderator ranks) to decide if a particular action breaks the Accords of Conduct, while Infraction posts are generated, for record-keeping, after an infraction has been handed to a member.

    4.1 Community leaders of High Command rank or higher may levy/issue an infraction for conduct violations outside of Battle Nights, regardless of army.
    4.2 All flag officers may use the court room to gain approval for Infractions of those under their jurisdiction at any point.
    4.3 Global Moderators or any Moderator privileged member may levy an infraction for conduct violations on the forums.
    4.4 If a Field Marshal wishes to contest an infraction, it will be treated as a Court Case.
    4.5 Battle Night misconduct must always be handled by a Court Case, unless the accused violator's army leadership agrees to a mid-battle suspension and/or discipline.
    4.6 Any War Council access member may present a Court Case, citing the violator and an accuser (if applicable).
    4.7 All Court Room access members may debate a Court Case, but there is no majority rule. The final decision on action is to be agreed upon by both Field Marshals.
    4.8 If no agreement can be reached, the case proceeds to a War Council Leader Vote.
    4.9 Violating the privacy and restrictions of Court Room permissions is strictly prohibited on grounds of removal from the War Council (and any higher office), with other suitable punishments to follow.
    4.10 Misuse of Court Room permissions or authority to break the Accords of Conduct or exploit Court Room proceedings is strictly prohibited, and will result in removal from the Court Room (and any higher office), with suitable punishments to follow.
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