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    FC Accords - Article II: Factions

    The Accords are the core document upon which the community stands and are written for the purpose of providing protection for members of Forerunner Conflict from threats to its established ideals and to provide a process by which the community may be directed.

    The Accords establish the roles of Factions and their leadership structure. Everyone is expected to know and understand the details below. Ignorance is never a valid excuse.

    Article II

    1. Membership
    Members of are organized into factions and represent the fictional military regimes present within those factions. Main events in Forerunner Conflict revolve mainly in contests between these militaries; thus, membership in a faction is a crucial requirement to experiencing FC.

    1.1 Any registered member of may enlist into a faction, given that he/she is of 15 years of age (or granted special permission by that faction's Field Marshal and a War Director)
    1.2 All new enlisted members, upon acceptance into a faction, must participate in a boot camp run by a Drill Instructor.
    1.3 During a war, if a member wishes to transfer to the opposing faction, he/she must have this transfer approved by both faction Field Marshals
    1.4 Only enlisted members of a faction who have undergone a Boot Camp may participate in official FC events.
    1.5 A member may only be enlisted in a single faction at any time, and may not operate multiple accounts in order to try bypassing this.

    2. Leadership
    Each faction has an identical leadership of elected and appointed individuals who provide direction and order for their troops and work for the good of Forerunner Conflict.

    2.1 Each army may have one High Command composed of one of each of the following individuals:
    Field Marshal (FM)
    General (GEN)
    Lt. General (LTG)
    Colonel (COL)
    2.2 For details on each of the positions, please see Article IV. The responsibilities of the General ranks vary on a per-army basis depending on the needs of the army itself.
    2.3 Field Marshal pairs are elected by popular vote of the community after each war ends; the details of the election to be overseen by the incumbent Field Marshals and the War Directors.
    2.4 Any pair of members with at least 6 months' officer experience in FC each may announce their candidacy for Field Marshals, given they are endorsed by at least one High Command member or War Director.
    2.5 The Field Marshal is able to appoint, remove, and change the remaining members of his/her High Command positions.

    3. Oversight
    Each faction's army operates uniquely from the other, though the two remain largely the same. An army may be directed entirely at the discretion of its Field Marshal, with the following restrictions:

    3.1 The Field Marshal and High Command manage the army and oversee all activities within the army, including events, promotions, announcements, meetings, and Battles.
    3.2 At no time can a rule, code, decision, or order given within an army override The Accords or our community ideals.
    3.3 A Field Marshal may not manipulate the ranks of his/her army for the personal gain of any member.
    3.4 No member may interfere negatively with the activities of the enemy faction via deception, provocation, espionage, or other means.
    3.5 In the event of a faction's leadership being unable to sufficiently manage or direct their army, the remaining War Council members can, with a unanimous consensus, dictate changes or replacements in army leadership or the memberbase.
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