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    Looking for a Magmortar

    I'm trying to build a fire team for whatever guzzie is trying to start up but having a hard time getting a magmortar. If not one has one, or knows someone with one tell me and I want to trade for it.


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    Re: Looking for a Magmortar

    Also looking for a torchic or its evolved States.

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    Re: Looking for a Magmortar

    tell you what I have a lot of pkmn that need to be traded (Rhyperior for ex) so fc for you


    I've also been thinking of building a steel team for the thing guzzie is going for and here's what I'm looking at:
    Metagross (btw MEGA CONFIRMED)

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    Re: Looking for a Magmortar

    I got, Perfect IV, Nature, and ability for torchic and magmortar.

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    Re: Looking for a Magmortar

    I'll make sure to add you. Also are you looking for anything in particular or is it cool if I just get rid of a GoGoat =)

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    Re: Looking for a Magmortar

    I can give you both Zeta if you are still looking. (I'm not sure about IVs/Nature, but I have them from my Black/White days)

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