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    L3g3ndarY NovA Signature

    Sig/Banner/Wallpaper/Other?: Signature

    Render/Stock Image: Here

    Text: The Silent Hero (If possible, in a Halo style font)

    Specific Colors: The stock image looks pretty good in relation to the colours, but if you want to add an effect like fog or haze or play around with colours, that's cool.

    Specific Size: Whatever looks good as a sig size. You can crop the photo if you want, but please keep the full helmet and at least about half of the shoulder pad.

    Special Requests: Please upload the full image from your computer if possible. My computer hates most image uploading sites and wont show them. But if you do have to upload them, definitely not photobucket please.

    Thanks for anyone who takes this up.

    Australia: Where 90% of animals are trying to kill you. The other 10% just do it by accident.

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    Re: L3g3ndarY NovA Signature

    Love that image of the Rookie. Good choice.

    Eagle out.
    "Feelings pass right through you, don't they? So cold and unforgiving in
    every choice you made in battle. Purest soldier... I need you to be strong.
    Strong enough to do what you've never done in your life. Can you be
    strong enough to allow yourself to be... Can you just be human?"


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