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    Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    The Member spotlight continues into August with Carpe Vexiullum. Veteran of FC, and a man whom I respect very much. Let us get to know


    Real Name: Morgan

    Age: 21

    Location: Wisconsin

    Profession: Student --> Game Design: 3D Modeling & Animation

    Favorite Single Player Game: Castlevania 64

    Favorite Multiplayer Game: Desti---- Halo ;]

    Famous Quote: "I don't hate you. I am just morally ambiguous towards your well-being."

    "The Interview"

    Q: Carpe! Missed you buddy. I have not heard from you in a long time. How have you been? What's New? Oh, and Congratulations of being the member spotlight of August? You must be feeling special.
    A: Thank you sir! Things have been going well, I am about to head back to school soon where I can resume my life. This summer has been pretty slow, and FC has been turbulent. I am looking forward to getting back to my studies.

    Q: Tell me again the story behind your gamertag.
    A:Carpe Vexillum means Seize the Flag in Latin. This originates from an Old Halo PC clan that I use to be apart of from age 13-19. They were big in the scene of Heavy Weapons game types. That means Rocket launcher and fuel rod starts only. (the old arching fuel rod) They are still around today with a few other large clans of about 40-60 members. That group literally raised me, guys and gals from 17-63 years old. My original internet Alias was . . . Anodyne. Here is an old relic from that time. A clan game of Blood Gulch.

    Q: Interesting... Carpe. I know you have been around FC awhile. How long exactly? How did you hear about Forerunner Conflict?
    A: Three years I have been in the community. I first heard about FC after my old community DRO gaming fell apart. My recruiter was Bodacious Bacon.

    Q: Everyone went through a boot camp. Do you remember your boot camp? Who was your drill instructor? Any "memorable" moments?
    A: I do not. I did not. I am kinda sad, but my bootcamp was relaxed and very unmemorable.

    Q: Did FC have any major impact in your life at all? Maybe it helped you see things in a unique perspective?
    A: Yes, FC has had both positive and negative effects in my life. Its helped me understand more about people in large numbers and niche groups.

    Q: Any chance we will see you making another LASO/Co-Op Campaign series?
    A: If the proper people got interested and there was time. maaaybe.

    Q: If I made you a pizza, what toppings would you want on it?
    A: Pepperoni. . . and PAIN! *Arnold impression*

    Q: If you could be anything in the Halo Universe, what would it be, and why?
    A: Probably an AI. I love knowledge, helping, and lasting life.

    Q: Master Chief collection is coming out in November this year. FC is preparing for it. What would you like FC to capitalize on when we move to this game?
    A: I want FC to make a big push to make this place a fun and respectful place to play Halo. A place that new and returning Halo players can feel comfortable and will want to go when they pop that disk into their fancy new console.

    Q: Lastly, this is your chance to say anything to the FC Community. Keep it respectful. Any words of wisdom? Say your peace!
    A: Some people don't know what its like out of the city on their feet, at night anyway. Standing out there you can look up and... stars, you've never seen so many, they sky is blazing with them. You need real darkness, to see stars. When things are really dark, as dark as they can get, you see so much more. So many wonderful things. Sometimes things will get darker for you than they do for the rest of us. You've got to see those moments as something special, because their showing you things. A way of looking at the world that no one else will ever, ever understand. That's a blessing, not a curse. So remember to stay strong FC. We can and will get through the hard times together.

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Let me be the first to Congratulate you Carpe! you deserve this~

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Good on you, Carpe. Those words of wisdom are very inspirational.

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Congrats Carpe! Great interview!
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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Congrats on the interview carp Good information, glad you brought back the series carp!


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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Congrats man! Loved the words of wisdom.

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Congrats Carpe, I'm happy to see you as the member of the month!

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Thanks guys! I was surprised but happy about this.

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Really nice words at the end Morgan, I may borrow those in the future!

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    Re: Member Spotlight August: Carpe Vexillum

    Quote Originally Posted by GhostHammer View Post
    Really nice words at the end Morgan, I may borrow those in the future!
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