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    The Divinity Defection

    The Divinity Defection

    Divinity was a loyal squad, true to the Brotherhood cause. Fight after fight, Divinity pushed on killing every REDD soldier it could get its hands on. But soon, Divinity began to smell corruption in the air like old cabbage. They saw BLUE soldiers killing innocents and pillaging villages. They stole candy from babies, and shitted in everyone's corn flakes. Worst of all they pushed old man Jenkins down a flight of stairs hurting his old back.

    When Divinity saw these despicable actions, Lieutenant Nervy got into contact with higher ups in the Empire using backdoor channels. Field Marshal Purple knew of Divinity's skills at scouting and hacking. Purple hatched a plan, and along with his General, Raz Vader, sent the specs to Lieutenant Nervy. Seeing the ingenious plan, Nervy set out into the BLUE database on Ortelius with his trusted team. He had his best hackers, Cloud and Lee create a virus which would copy classified Brotherhood files onto a laptop in mere minutes. Nervy then sent his best scouts, Poly, Riphelix, and Axel to upload the virus while King Chaos, L3g3ndarY, and MURICA went with Nervy to cause a distraction in the form of pyrotechnics.

    Everything was going according to plan. The virus was halfway complete and the distraction was working perfectly. However, General Guzzie noticed the hack and attempted to connect to the Brotherhood database to stop it. Unfortunetly, Guzzie's connection was too slow and missed the virus by 4 seconds! Guzzie then put the station on high alert, but by then, Nervy and his team were gone from the premises thanks to the expert driving by Dazer and the equally expert piloting by TDoherty. Nervy handed the files to Purple, who exposed the corruption to all the colonies, dealing a serious blow to the Brotherhood war effort. Divinity now found a place within the Empire's ranks...

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    This will be my bio soon

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    Re: The Divinity Defection


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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    I like the part where we blew everything up!

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Operation Tenacious Turtle was way better

    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    10/10 Would read again. This is hands down the best written material that I have ever graced my retinas with.
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    Re: The Divinity Defection

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Damn Guzzie and the number 4. Such a terribad General, I swear. This would have NEVER happened back in my ol' Gen and FM days! :P
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    Re: The Divinity Defection

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxdoggy View Post
    Damn Guzzie and the number 4. Such a terribad General, I swear. This would have NEVER happened back in my ol' Gen and FM days! :P
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