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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    I like the part where Cloud and I created a computer virus. My method of bugging a PC is ripping out all of its SATA cables and changing jumpers.

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Quote Originally Posted by Silko View Post
    Operation Tenacious Turtle was way better
    Fight fast, Fight hard- Fighting Falcons

    Name: Kane J Haytham
    Skills: Guerrila Warfare, Night Engagements, Demolition
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment: M52B Marine Battle Armor
    In Command Of:Imperial Marine x 665 (uninjured) 56 (injured)
    Imperial Sniper x23
    Imperial Ground Officer x 37
    M52B Marine Battle Armor x 721

    Name: Sergei Volosheninov
    Skills: space piloting, large scale naval combat, atmospheric piloting
    Location: Earth
    Personal Equipment:Body Suit
    In Command Of: 1 Imperial Pilot(s), 1 Space Suits(s)
    some one's gonna have to tell me if I screwed up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Graycochea
    I live for ribbing Silko. He's like the site bear. Every once in a while, he'll come out of his interweb cave and when that happens, you need to take some shots before he disappears into hibernation again. I meant cheap shots, but I can see how that could be misconstrued as a hunting metaphor. I don't want to hunt Silko.
    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey
    Hee-haw motherf*****.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silko
    Bitch please. I already beat it and moved on to the next castle.
    I'm the king of the chatbox.

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    His connection was to slow and missed it by 4 seconds! xD 10/10 would read again!

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Sometimes connecting to the McDonald's across the street is faster.

    "Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most, live the longest."

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Quote Originally Posted by purple gamer 17 View Post
    Sometimes connecting to the McDonald's across the street is faster.

    "Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or empty stage".

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    Re: The Divinity Defection

    Lmao '4 seconds', I see what you did there

    Ah, that was an awesome read.
    "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

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