Today's top story comes from an unknown downed transport ship. At approximately 1200 Sunday, a Squad of Imperial soldiers were sent to investigate the curious wreckage. Among these soldiers were several Brotherhood informants acting on the inside without Imperial eyes knowing.

As the warfront creeps closer to the Inner Colonies, Brotherhood leadership decided to retrieve some of their heavier assets from behind enemy lines. Sunday, a group from the Brotherhood Raider Corps was sent to retrieve two informants acting from within the Imperial Military.

Luring the Imperial Squad to the wreckage, the Darksail Raiders quickly dispatched the scouting party, moving in to secure their two friendlies on the inside, Spartan-124 Trey "Muffin" and Spartan-144 Kaleb "Eagle", the latter seen neutralizing his Imperial Officer.

With their informants secure, the Darksails set up a secure LZ for extraction.

As the war dwells deeper into Imperial territory, the Darksails state that they too will be increasing their efforts on the Systems closer to Earth and that all Brotherhood supporting citizens of these Systems should prepare for the oncoming invasions to come.

[I would like to thank everyone who made this edition possible and stayed with me late into Sunday night setting this up. You all made this one possible and I'm hoping we can keep some larger turnouts for body actors again so we can work on creating some more epic stories!]