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Thread: Iphone 6

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    Iphone 6

    Who's getting the iPhone 6. Should be released with in the next month or so. If you have any info share

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    Re: Iphone 6

    Wait until September 9th. After that, all the new info on the Note 4, Motorola X+1, Moto 360 Smart Watch, LG G Watch R, iPhone 6, and possibly an iWearable will be revealed.
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    Re: Iphone 6

    didn't they release the iPhone 5 yesterday or something?
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    Re: Iphone 6

    Galaxy s5 for the win

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    Re: Iphone 6

    I'm getting the iPhone 6 plus when I get back looks sick , had a iPhone 4 ,4s and 5s !

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    Re: Iphone 6

    Quote Originally Posted by purple gamer 17 View Post
    Galaxy s5 for the win
    I can't afford that stuff, so I am just sticking to my old cell

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    Quote Originally Posted by purple gamer 17 View Post
    Galaxy s5 for the win
    I can't afford that stuff, so I am just sticking to my old cell
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    Re: Iphone 6

    I will laugh at anyone who buys that pos

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