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    The Arrival

    "Oh man... This is gonna blow."
    Lee was, unlike the others, unsure of the move to R.E.D.D. It wasn't like he was scared of the other troops, more like he was worried about the outcome of the little fiasco. Their little attack on Ortelius hadn't been as much of a blaze of glory as everyone else treated it. They had narrowly missed disaster because of Guzzie's bad connection. Not only that, but until they reached a R.E.D.D. outpost, their weapon armament was slim, most of the heavy weapons having been used in the fray. That may cause trouble for the others, but he still had as much Magnum ammo as he could carry.

    While he was busy brooding on the trip to R.E.D.D. controlled space, he was playing with the virus he and Cloud had created. Adding a line of code here, subtracting one there, he altered the purpose from his datapad. Under the SCOUT helmet, he smiled a little. Always good to have his own brand of a contingency, should he decide R.E.D.D. wasn't exactly his cup of tea. 'I'll keep it on my person for now,' he thought to himself. Looking out the port into the bright expanse of Slipstream, he wondered to himself. Looking down at the table, he saw another project for the ride - his armor. Taking his helmet off, he began taping it off for "Vader" to repaint. It looked odd, with tape over some parts of the armor, and the faded blue covered by red tape. It was going to be a memento, of sorts, leaving a little blue in the mix.

    He changed into uniform afterwards, deciding to not walk around like that fucker who took all the tape.

    I may add more later, but I'm retarded by lack of sleep at the moment.

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    Re: The Arrival

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Demon Lee View Post
    He changed into uniform afterwards, deciding to not walk around like that fucker who took all the tape.
    So THAT'S where all my tape went. *tsk* *tsk*
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    Re: The Arrival

    It was on your desk, I thought you weren't using it. Advance towards me brethren.

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    Re: The Arrival

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Demon Lee View Post
    Advance towards me brethren.
    What is that? Old timey come at me bro?
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