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    Pixel Junk Shooter :PSN Exclusive:

    Let me start of by saying this little game is very enjoyable. When you think about revisiting Super Mario Bros. for a short while because your bored, or your looking to beat something and have fun while doing it. This game definatly pops into the mind.

    The game is your standard 2d shooter. The story mostly is that earth resourses are used up and human kind has expanded to space to find new recourses, but as the race heightens so does the risk involved. You are a rescue ship flying around through a planet to save people. People are stationary and you must mauver, solve puzzles, and kill enemies to save them. The enviornment takes place under the planets surface in large caves you will encoutner many dangers, and safe elements, some examples are LAVA and WATER. At the end of each section there are doors that open after you save... or kill the all the people in the level. (aka kill 2 save the rest.) You get 5 Lives, or in this case is 7 people die in a whole mission you lose and its game over. If you die you start at the beginning of the section, each level has a specific ammount of sections. As you progress through the game you will encounter new enemies, new ship equipment and puzzles to finish. Some people you rescue will he waving flags and they will give you clues to the story that you are trying to figure out. On the way you will find plenty of points boosters and other goodies, like upgrades to your ship.

    Over all this game is definatly worth the money you would spend on it. Which is a whopping 10 dollars, and I can say this game definatly gives me that much enjoyment.

    On the Carpe Scale of AWESOMEness. 1-10

    8.5 points.

    And if you like this game you can get the second one!!! =}

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    Re: Pixel Junk Shooter :PSN Exclusive:

    Heard good things about this game.


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    Re: Pixel Junk Shooter :PSN Exclusive:

    I'll give it a shot if I ever seem to not get a hard-on for Killzone 3. I like the art style.

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    Re: Pixel Junk Shooter :PSN Exclusive:

    i agree this game is pretty fun

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