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    Have you ever replied to an email titled diculous? Because you are Re;diculous

    Thanks kiddios I'll be here all week.
    Founder of the following names, phrases and things in FC:

    Thee Assassin, Spitfuck (Kuhblam), FC custom game type names, FC currency and FC war bonus's (Both are filed under 'Regret'), Mythonian is a robot and he's Skynet, The general idea of FC medals, The REDD and BLUE and the respected back stories (Along with Eri), Pack Mule (Donkey), Brining RedBubble here, The Mic Nazi (AshMCairo), Dust tosser (Mede Dust), Fear squad, Co-founder of Blue Canada squad, Yehsus (Im his father), My own resignation, Forge Dept (Halo 3), Prestige in FC (Currently still on my 8th), The Vortex. Timpon Carpet (Yehsus's's's real name). English (Doktor Knight). Fairies (Jet Pack users).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graycochea View Post
    I need you guys to never change.
    Quote Originally Posted by Houdini View Post
    You are significantly more likable than me  rid=3628&dateline=1407905  356

    H4 Recv5 CO Recognition-DSR

    *Instert legally binding skype chat about Donkey buying me an X1*

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