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    FC RPG Shorts: Space Maneuvers

    This is a story about the planned simulation room activity "space maneuvers". As it's a simulation room event, it has no lore significance in the CIoG universe (unless i like it enough to write it in somehow). it's written from the point of view of captain Bravick of the BSC Aristotle class destroyer "Rebel's Gaze", fleeing an unamed planet at the edges of covenant controlled space.

    Fire burst down the hallway out of the bridge, and the captain fell backwards behind a console as the blast doors sealed automatically. As he got up, he noticed the console where he was standing at before was scorched black, the keys melted. A nearby officer shouted for his attention. "Sir! hull integrity failing rapidly! we can't hold against such a large force!" The covenant was firing at them, with only pulse lasers and they still couldn't win.

    He turned back to the officer with a grim look. "plot us a course out of here, quickly. we need to survive."

    The nav officer spoke up, from his left "No good, we've got a course, but engines are dead." He sank in his seat.

    Well, i suppose this is it, thought bravick, the lights in the room flickering.

    "Life support offline."

    "Shields permenantely offline."

    "Weapons system disabled"

    "Hull integrity critical, we're about to fall apart!"

    "Sir, slipspace signatures detected!"

    Bravick snapped out of his reverie. "what? whose ships? more of them?"

    The man at the controls perked up momentarily before slumping back over. "No. Worse. Empire. I'm reading a Titus class fleet carrier with four remus class frigate escorts. At least the covenant have stopped shooting at us."

    Bravick took in a sharp breath. They couldn't let their cargo fall into empire hands. he'd rather it be destroyed. "Lorick, our self destruct systems? are they active? if so, activate them. Confirmation code BH-465-L5T77R."

    Lorick paused, looking around in dismay. "...Yes sir. Activating now."

    "Wait!" The officer at the sensor station stood back up "more slipspace contacts! They're brotherhood!" The relief was clear in his voice "We're saved!"

    Bravick shot his gaze back to Lorick. "stop the detonation. Thomas, do we have comms?"

    "Negative. I'll need a team to repair them."

    Bravick stared at the sensor screen. they were so close, yet so far. "Do it. Atmosphere will be limited. Brian will guide you through the available corridors."

    Randall at the sensor station spoke hesitantly. "Uh, sir? more contacts... brotherhood... and empire? together? and covenant? i'm reading a combined forces fleet. three covenant frigates, two aurelian class frigates, and a solon class assault carrier."

    Bravick paused in confusion. "combined..? are they captured ships? Regardless, we should treat them as enemies for now. Not that we can do anything about it." he exclaimed, a hint of frustration creeping into his voice. He was right to be frustrated. They were dead in space, and the brotherhood forces consisted of one infinity class battle ship, three plato class stealth corvettes, and four zeno-class blockade runners. It was hardly a formidable battle group. Not even a match for the covenant forces, let alone the other two fleets. He looked back over to the covenant forces. Three frigates, two CPV class heavy destroyers, an RPV class light destroyer, and a supercruiser flagship. He wondered again why they hadn't simply vaporized them on sight. Perhaps they knew they had the artifact...

    "Sir?" Bravick heard a static filled response through his comset "Go ahead."

    "this is...omas... ng range comms.... repeat... now active. Short interruptions. will return shor......... over."

    As the report finished, a viewscreen flickered on, on it was an empire commander, brotherhood commander, and sanghelli commander, as well as a man he didn't recognize, with a promethean light rifle in hand. It seemed he was late to the party, as they were already mid-discussion. The elite was talking.

    "We claim rights to salvage this ship. it is in our territory! it is by extension ours."

    The unknown man cut in. "With our property on it! the prometheans will claim back our technology"

    "and what of our men?" cut in the brotherhood commander.

    "Your men will burn." replied the empires commander. "and so will your fleet."

    The imperial commander left the conversation, followed shortly by the others. Randall chimed in as the last screen snapped off "Sir, all ships moving into combat positions."

    Bravick sighed. "let's hope that we win here." He walked over to the main command console and sat down heavily. "Randall, i want regular reports on the battle sent to my console. Nothing to do now but wait."

    Brotherhood Space Command Report On Event SM-8537-01
    Encryption Code: None
    Public Key:N/A
    From: BSC Lieutenant Randall J.
    To: Captain Bravick D.
    Subject: Report 01
    Classification: UNRESTRICTED

    Brotherhood Plato class ships (identified as The Zeus, The Hades, and The Poseidon.) As well as the infinity class ship (identified as The Hermes.) have formed up at the edge of the system and are holding position. The Zeno class ships (identified as The Athena, The Apollo, The Cerberus, and The Ares) have taken up position behind the plato classes.

    The covenant Fleet is engaging the promethean fleet, The three destroyers advancing upon the enemy fleet, with the supercarrier and frigates holding back slightly.

    The empire's fleet is moving around towards the rear of the prometheans.

    The prometheans covenant frigates surround the solon class, the destroyers in a defensive position between the covenant fleet and them.

    Brotherhood Space Command Report On Event SM-8537-02
    Encryption Code: None
    Public Key:N/A
    From: BSC Lieutenant Randall J.
    To: Captain Bravick D.
    Subject: Report 02
    Classification: UNRESTRICTED

    New update, the covenant fleet has stopped charging weapons. The prometheans have moved their destroyers towards the empire's fleet, and the covenant are flying past them. This is bad. It seems they've struck a deal of some kind.

    The brotherhood forces are taking advantage of the conflict, and are moving towards the rear lines of the combined covenant-promethean forces. I'm not sure about this.

    Brotherhood Space Command Report On Event SM-8537-03
    Encryption Code: None
    Public Key:N/A
    From: BSC Lieutenant Randall J.
    To: Captain Bravick D.
    Subject: Report 03
    Classification: UNRESTRICTED

    The brotherhood have diverted a Zeno-class blockade runner, the Ares, towards us. They seem to be intent on saving us. The remaining Zeno class's have charged ahead, launching boarding craft towards the solon class. The hermes and escort are charging weapon's systems.

    The empire has engaged the forward line of the promethean and covenant fleets, referred to from now on as the promethean's fleet. They're firing S-MAC's and MAC's at the Aurelian destroyers. The titus is directely engaging the Covenant destroyers, firing all weapon's systems.

    Bravick looked up from the report, turning towards Randall. "The Ares is coming here? Everyone, prepare for immediate evacuation. Lorick, that self destruct?"

    Lorick looked up with a start, "yes sir, it's set for remote activation."

    "good" Bravick had a strange feeling at the future loss of his ship. "everyone, get suited up and get to the hanger in five. Thomas? i'm sending your team to secure the artifact. bring it with you."

    Thomas basically sprinted out of the room, with a hurried, "Yes sir!"

    Bravick walked out the door. the atmosphere was getting thin. hard to breathe. they had vented too much oxygen to contain the fires. He made it to a locker room with the edges of his vision going grey, and suited up quickly in his space suit. looking around, he could see the rest of the crew was having just as much trouble. they'd have to survive on their air reserves.

    The group proceeded towards the hanger. Almost there... an explosion ripped through the ship, knocking most of the crew to their knees. They were out of time. Bravick got up, running. Arriving in the hanger, a large gash was ripped through one side, atmosphere venting. The zeno class pulled up next to it, sealing the gap with it's hull and exposing an access point. A soldier shouted for them to get in, and they ran up. "wait," bravick stopped by the soldier "we need to wait on some of our men carrying a piece of precious cargo."

    The soldier looked uncomfortable. "we have them... Please, just get on board."

    Bravick paused, then entered the ship. Heading to the bridge, he took off his helmet. the relic was inside the bridge, being examined by a man he assumed to be the captain. He looked around but didn't see Thomas or his team. He turned to the captain. "My crew?"

    The captain turned away from the artifact. "i'm sorry, captain. We picked up the relic floating outside your hanger. Your team is dead." The ship rumbled. "...and we will be too if we don't get away from that deathtrap ship of yours."

    Bravick nodded, turning to Lorick behind him. "do it. destroy the ship."

    Lorick nodded, and entered something into his data pad. The ship sped towards the battle, an explosion echoing behind them as the rebel's gaze detonated. Bravick turned towards the captain of the Ares. "How's the battle coming along?"

    The captain turned towards a console, clearly reading the latest report sent by the fleet.

    "We've lost the Zeus, the Athena, and the Apollo. The hermes shields are down and it's S-MAC systems are damaged. Now that we've rescued you, we're being ordered to pull back and jump out of system towards a rendevous at paradise falls.

    as for the enemy fleets...
    The promethean fleet has lost control of the solon class. The team inside has been ordered to take control of the bridge and jump to paradise falls, where our fleet will disable it with EWS and send in a team to thoroughly sweep it. One of the aurelian classes is destroyed and burning, as well as both covenant destroyers. The empire has lost one frigate, and their titus class is falling back, shields down and venting atmosphere from deck's A-C."

    Bravick nodded. He was glad to be leaving. The covenant ships weren't a threat one on one, but in their numbers... The brotherhood forces jumped. Bravick lamented the loss of four of their ships, but he hoped that the relic would make up for it. As they jumped, he looked at the long range sensors. The empire was also retreating out of system, leaving their destroyed frigate. The six covenant frigates were turning on the solon class. Though, it seemed as though it was for different reasons, as three launched boarding craft, but the other three fired plasma torpedoes. The supercarrier fired an energy projector, slicing the remaining aurelian class destroyer in two. The frigates stopped their boarding action and fired on the covenant's frigates. It was a curious fight, but one he'd not see the end of. It seemed everyone had lost a great deal during this battle. War was hell. He turned towards the artifact as they entered slipspace. He was about to turn towards the cryobay, when lines along the artifact began to glow a bright orange. The crew backed away from it in a hurry. it seems like the adventures of the Ares were just beginning...

    <<:Simulation End:>>
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