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    This is the classic story that Snackman90 (doubt little of you remember him) created for the wars years and years ago, but it was pretty good. So I'll let you all enjoy it and let the veterans remember the awesomeness of it.
    ========================= ========================= ===========
    (thinking about my experiences in RVBR so far, and here they story form)(Plz Comment, there will be more)
    (© Copyright 2006 - Zachary Flanagan)

    Chapter 1: Boot

    I stepped off the pelican onto the hard, grassy ground of Coagulation, I was told to line up with the other recruits, only 20 days ago; I had been informed that it was my duty to join Red Army. Let me tell you, I was scared, No solider wanted to go on active duty, especially on the front lines. But, I was ready for that challenge; I knew I was going to be recruited sooner or later, so I got my Augmentations ahead of time. It was a risky surgery, but I had to get it. Now equipped with my Molinjor armor, I felt like a new solider. The pain had stopped a few days ago; I was officially a recruit of Red Army. "Alright Soldiers listen UP! I am Micro Jupiter and I am the Master General of Red Army! I've been in these wars for a while now! SO DON'T GIVE ME ANY SHIT! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" “YES SIR!" we all said in unison. "Now IM NOT GOING TO HAVE THE TIME TO MEMORIZE ALL YOUR NAMES, SO WHAT IS YOUR ALIAS SON?" He said smacking me on my helmet. "Snack, Sir!" I said, scared out of my boots. He passed me without saying, "Good" and went on to the next person. He told us to all salute him, we did of course, and we didn't want to be punished, especially by this guy. "Up Next is a lap around the canyon, maybe 2 depending on how good you do!! MOVE!"

    2 hours later, we finished the lap, I don't know if I could do another one, "Alright Recruits, BACK TO THE MIDDLE!!!!" We all lined up exactly how we were 2 hours ago, but this time we were panting and shivering. "You’re done; you all are officially privates of Red Army! Give yourselves hand men!!!" The ones that could lift their hands and gave a little clap. "Now for 2 days of Bed Rest!!! Then...Advanced BOOTCAMP!" Oh son of a bitch I thought, if basic boot was this hard how the hell was I going to make it through Advanced........

    Outpost Lockout: 1200 hours.

    It was so cold; I was almost shivering...almost. For this boot camp, a new general stood in front of me. "Hello Privates, this is a lot more Informal then Basic, SO DON'T GIVE ME ANY OF THAT SIR SHIT!!! Especially during a battle, you'll get both of us killed." One unfortunate private said, "YES SIR!" The unknown 5 star General shot him dead in his tracks. "MEN, I DON'T take any shit, is that understood?" No one said a thing. "GOOD, I like the way you men think. I am BlackDragonn, Black for short, and I am the 5 star General of Red Army, and I give out ranks, organize the attacks, and call the defense when we need it. Now, im going to let some of the other officers introduce themselves show them respect or you'll end up like your friend right there." We all looked down toward the man, Private Banker...KIA... The intros went on forever and ever it seemed like, Until BlackDragonn Barked over the Com. "BLUE is ATTACKING, I REPEAT! BLUE IS ATTACKING ASCENTION!!!! Son of a bitch, there getting blind sided out there, ALL OF YOU ARE PROMOTED TO CORPORALS...and you’re getting shipped there ASAP!!!!!"

    Chapter 2: Ascent....

    The Pelican ride there was a little bit bumpy, but hey, the driver was told him to get their ASAP. "Alright Men, things are getting a little hectic, So be ready to fight as soon as you get their, BRs OUT, Pop-um and Lock-um folks." Black had to part ways from us, something about sending a counter attack at the Blue Base on Sanctuary. *BOOOM* Something hit the side of the pelican and we went into free fall. The pilot was screaming something incoherently, we were to close to the ground to make a jump, just crash and pray for the best. The sound the crash made as the pelican scarped down onto the metal dish in the middle of the Red Acenstion Air Base was horrifying. I could feel blood running down my leg, that’s not good. I turned to see 2 out of my 5 squad members were dead....the other 3 seemed to have the little or no injuries. I looked up towards what seemed to be the red base, I shook of the feeling of the crash and yelled for my other teammates to shake a leg and get up there. As soon as one of them was making it up the ramp, BOOM, he took a sniper bullet to the back. "SUPRESSIVE FIRE!!!!!" Someone yelled from the top of the red base. I had heard that voice somewhere before....but where? As soon as the soldiers held up in the base let loose the other Spartan and I made a run for it. I grabbed the fallen solider that was on the ramp and pulled to safety. The son of a bitch was already dead, they had a crack sniper...damn them... "How’s that Solider!!!? Master General Micro said, walking down from the top of the base to check him. "He’s dead, Vitals are Flat lined!" I said. Micro took a step towards me and said, "Your Private Snack?" "No, Corporal Snack, Sir!" I said, regretting saying sir. "And who is this?" He said pointing to the other Spartan standing in a corner out of sniper fire. "Corporal Sights, Sir!" He was the only people who hadn't just gotten out of boot camp, that managed to make it to the pelican. "Alright, Well, looks like you two are going to go take out that Sniper. It seems like the whole damn Blue Army is waiting right around that bend! Are you two ready for the challenge????" Micro said, looking towards the fallen solider. "Ill have the rest of us give you as much cover as we can from here....Good Luck."

    That was the last time I would talk to Master General MicroJupiter.

    Sights and I were half way sneaking down the ramp when we heard it, the crack of a sniper rifle. That’s when the fire stopped. Damnit, there was at least 4 more Marines trapped inside the Red base, even if Micro was dead. "Ill go back for them." I kept telling myself. Sights turned the corner and ran into to Blue Members, "GET DOWN!!!" I yelled as sights jumped back for cover. I rolled a frag grenade in there direction and knew that the nade was successful, not only because of the explosion, but because of the blood splatter. Well, I suppose they know that were coming this way now....damnit. Right then, I realized that those were the first people I had ever killed. I couldn't let that thought sink in though. Kill or Be Killed. I peeked around the corner and saw 7 blue members trying to figure out what the hell just had happened. Sights and I turned the corner and popped 2 of them in the head a piece, the other 3 returned fire, I was struck in the gut...not good... and after a few seconds of panting, I realized I could taste copper. My vision started getting blurry, Sights had just finished off the 3 remaining Soldiers, turned to me and started to say something....I couldn't hear him for some reason though...GET TOUGH MARINE, I told myself. I injected some Biofoam into my gut.....good enough, I thought standing up. "Sights do you see the sniper?" "Ya, he’s in a small tower at the top of this ramp!" "Lets move on 3....1...2....3!" Both of the armor-clad warriors rushed up the ramp, taking the sniper by surprise. "Eat Lead!" Sights screamed as he unloaded a full clip of BR into the snipers chest. I walked up and stepped on the bastards throat, just to be sure...(wow what a "brute" I have become in these few minutes). I grabbed the Sniper and had a look over towards red base. Only 2 Spartans remained visible, but he could see for sure that his commanding officer, Master General Micro was down.

    Sights and I rushed back over to the command base, when we arrived I checked Micro's vitals and found that he was still alive and kickin. "Sir, incoming Intel! 15 fully load Blue Pelicans on their way here! ETA 20 Minutes." Suddenly I had become Commanding Officer of this OP, Well....What to do. "One of you, Signal a drop ship, a pelican, anything." We need to get off this station. Acension has been lost, that was for sure. I turned on my Red COM Squad and tried to send a link to Black, to no avail; I switched to a Commander only Frequency and asked for any and all Generals to answer. Finally a break, some static followed by a series of mumbles, then it cleared out. "Solider what is your current situation on Acenstion; This is Doctor Tsunami 1 Star General Over." Finally some help, "Sir, This is Corporal Snack, I have assumed command of this Battle after Micro had been Injured, his situation is critical, I repeat CRITICAL. We need immediate Evac. Acenstion is lost and they have 15 Blue Pelicans on there way." There was a long silence and then Doctor said, "Alright, I’ve sent a pelican to pick whatever is left of your squad up, we will debrief at 1600." "Roger That, Over and out."

    (Updated 10/5/06)

    I surveyed what was left of the team, myself, Sights, Dommer, and Monewb. All of us Corporals, not the best for leading, but its all we have. 2 of the 15 pelicans began to come into view, each equipped with 2 50. Cal. Machine Guns. When the Machine guns began to fire and pieces of the base began to fly off. I grabbed my Battle Rifle and returned fire, soon after I realized that I was beginning to become lightheaded, and could taste biofoam and copper seeping up my throat. So, I fell backwards and landed on my ass....hard... I heard something fly around the back of the base, it was our drop ship, we were saved. "Quick, everyone were gonna have to have a little jump." I said looking how close the pelican could wasn't very close. "Sights, tell the pilot to hold as long as he can, leave me if need be." I said, walking back into the base. I crouched down next to every solider I could see, all of them were flat lined except for one. Micro...., I grabbed the Spartan, threw him over my shoulder and ran for the Pelican, leaped and prayed for the best. We landed...barley. My stomach oozed some biofoam and blood, but other than that, I was okay. That’s about the time I passed out.

    Chapter 3: Welcome Sergeant!

    After a few days of bed rest, my would was all healed up. As for Micro, that was a different story, he was shipped back to Earth, he might not make it, so they realived him of his duty as Master General. The new Master General was LunarRavens, he was the old 3 Star General. While I was thinking about all of this Black walked into the room. "Hello Snack, how’s that injury?" he asked. "Its fine, all healed up now, I’m ready whenever you need me." "Good, and by the way I’ve promoted you. For your exceptional performance on Acenstion, for your bravery, quick thinking, and Quality Leadership, I award you the Rank of Sergeant." and then he left, without saying another word.

    Later that day when I arrived back Coagulation, I heard rumors about how Red had got massacred at Sanctuary. When I walked into my Barracks I realized that I was the only one left in my boot camp that was still alive besides Dommer. I dropped my bag and my Repaired armor and went to check in with the Chief Of Staff, 4 Star General, SpartanBH. "Sir, Reporting in from Medical Base Alpha." I said Saluting Spartan. "Ah, if it isn't our newest Sergeant!" He said saluting back and gestured for me to sit down. We discussed my new duties, "Alright, do you feel up to going on a special Ops Mission lead by Cody S 117." I told him that I would not only accept the mission, I would complete it with exceptional results. "You will be briefed at 2200 hours, you are dismissed.

    Chapter 4: Special Ops
    (Updated 10/6/06)

    I Stepped into Cody's Office at 2150, he was sitting in a chair talking to SupaFuz (The 2 Star General) and Doctor Tsunami (The 1 Star General). Why would Cody be leading this OP if Tsunami and Fuz were going. I soon found out that neither of them were going only Lt Colonel Cody and I were, which made me feel a little insecure. "Hello Snacky, okay here’s the rundown. Our Colonel Killadawg360 was on a secret mission to the blue base at Waterworks. But the whole OP went south after his team was killed, and right now he’s either dead or being tortured for Intel..." he said, stopping for a moment to let the information sink in. After that Cody hit a couple of buttons on the computer keyboard and sound began to pour from the speakers, "And here’s the last transmission we got from him."
    *Boom* ", n't come" *Ckc* "Now I don't care what Killadawg wants, we have to go and get him...or at least his armor. It has valuable info stored in his mission data." He grabbed his helmet and snapped it into place. "Now go gear up, ill be waiting in the Pelican....Now Move!"

    When I arrived at the Pelican, Cody was already strapped in. I sat across from Cody so we could discuss tactics. The whole trip to the Blue underground Cavern took roughly an hour. When the Pelican touched down on the cold, hard ground of Waterworks the column in the middle of the map shook with a vengeance. "What the hell is that?" I asked Cody. "Hey why do you think they call this place Waterworks, its the Water Processing Station doing its job." He said, as we ran along the map until we got to directly under the construct in the middle. "Okay, from the Intel I have, the Blue holding cells are directly above us." Cody said, and signaled for me to head up the ladder first. When I finished my ascent, I gave the all clear sign and Cody followed behind. We patrolled the halls, BRs on the ready. I slowly moved around the corner, and spotted 3 blue soldiers. I ran across the hall and shot a 4-shot in their direction, all of the shots hit, but they had energy shields!!! Since when do they have Shields? Cody followed behind finishing them off with 2 more 4-shots. "Cody, what the hell, how come they have shields, there just regular soldiers, how come we don't get um?" Cody went over and checked them, "They aren't normal soldiers, we just took out a Second LT. and 2 Warrant Officers. Anyone above a Warrant officer gets a shield generator, I have one, but unfortunately you don't." He said with a tone in his voice. I had nearly come to near death at Acention, but that made me think, How come Micro had become so hurt? Was his shield Generator Blown? No time for that now, I had a mission to complete. After taking out a few more soldiers on the way to the cell, which was getting really annoying by the way, we arrived at our destination. It was a sickening scene....blood everywhere....Killadawg's body was laid out on the floor. Cody approached the cell door and almost ripped it apart. He walked over to Killa’s body kneeled down, took off his helmet, and it looked as if he was saying a little prayer. That’s when Killa reached out grabbed Cody by the Armor and said, "You disobeyed a direct order.....But thanks." he said, coughing up blood.

    Cody grabbed some BioFoam off his belt and injected it into Killa's gaping stomach wound. The other wounds weren't that bad. "Lets move, before they catch on." Cody said, helping Killa stand up. But Killa's armor was still missing. "No....we can't." I said, looking towards Cody, I could tell what Cody's expression was even through my HUD and his HUD. "We need Killa's armor, the blues are probably analyzing it right now!" I said and Cody knew I was correct. Killa looked at me, told me that I have to complete my mission, and his as well.

    "Yes, Sir!, Cody..i know im not leading this OP, but you need to get Killa out of here, im going to find the armor....either get it back to pelican...or destroy it." Cody knew that if I activated the self destruct sequence on the armor, that not only the armor would be destroyed, I would be as well.....

    Chapter 5: Life or Death

    The construct was more like a maze, every corner looked the same as the last one, and the one after it. I could never tell if I was going in a circle or not. I decided to leave the water processing plant and head over to the blue base. That’s most likely were they took his armor, and the secret documents containing there strategy for the map (Killa's Mission). I looked into blue base and immediately spotted 6 or seven blue members, patrolling the base, doing this, doing that. There was no way I was going to get past all of them. If the front door is covered, go in the back I always say. As I sneaked around the back I noticed, that there was a lone solider, with his helmet off smoking a cigarette. A noob mistake in my book, and I had only been in this war for about a week. I slowly stealthed along the wall until I got right up next to the solider grabbed him by the neck, and snapped it. I checked his ID number, turns out this guy was a Blue Captain. After I dragged the Captain's body over behind a few boxes, I cont'd my recon. I walked into the I keep stealth or let all hell break loose...half of these guys may have shield recon was the best way to go. I snuck past a few dimwitted soldiers, and walked right up the stairs, and continued up until I found the only room that didn't have weapons in it. Laying out on the table, a scientist looking person was analyzing the suit of armor. A snuck up behind him and beat him down with the bunt of my BR.

    I grabbed the armor, and it turns out the plans for attack and defense were laying right next to the armor, I tucked the plans into my ammo belt and ran and jumped off the base. I trucked it, running as fast as I could with a full suit of armor under one arm. I headed back to the middle, laid down the armor, and radioed the Cody to come get me. I rested my back against the cold walls of the construct, it felt good. Of course it was always the right temperature for battle in my armor, but just the feeling of being there, breathing. That’s all that mattered to me. Living. Even though I would have died for the mission, that didn't matter, right now im alive...and that’s what matters.

    When the pelican finally touched down, it caused SOME attention. With all the bullets pinging off the side of the Pelican it immediately began to lift off the ground, I threw up the armor and handed the plans to Cody and heard the Pilot yell, "Rocket Locked!!!! We gotta move!!! No TIME!" Cody outreached his hand, but the pilot zipped forward, I saluted Cody's outreached hand. Well I guess it was time, to either Live or Die. I radioed Cody and told him to get Killa, his armor and the plans back to Coagulation....then come back for me.

    Chapter 6: Surviving

    It was a hard decision to make, but the life of a Sergeant like me, was way less important then those 2, the pilot, the armor, and the plans. I suppose its a decision that a solider has to make every once and a while, like when someone throws themselves on a grenade to protect his buddies. That’s what I was trying to do, protect my brothers, not literally of course, but mentally. A few minutes later I lost Radio contact with Cody....that was it....Live or die, right now. My Turn. Now, what to do, I could either run or fight....was running cowardice? I mean, living to fight another day was always a good option in my book. 50+ against me wasn't exactly fair, especially since I didn't have any shields. I decided to hightail it to what appeared to be a red base, I believe I saw it on Cody's map of waterworks back on Coagulation. I cautiously moved through the open ground on the way to Red base, a half decent sniper could pick me off anytime now...or so I thought. When I arrived at the door unscaved, I began to move some debrie from the doorway, only when I got inside I found....I found what I can't even many Red Armored bodies. At first I was surprised that the fail-safe mechanisms hadn't destroyed them all. I looked over at one solider to realized that his armor was so torned apart from a sharpnel spray that his armor couldn't go off......the body was still rotting....the place smelled of death...

    How long ago had this all happened? Did everyone at this Outpost die? From the looks of it, yes that’s exactly what happened, it looks like blue snuck in, and planted a bomb, and blew the place all to shit! I couldn't stay there.....I walked around the back and found a Warthog, hmm, still in working condition, I thought about trying to do a bit more recon, but didn't want to risk the chance of dying. Right then as I thought about that, a Banshee flew overhead, I tried to duck behind a box, praying it wouldn't see me, but it spotted my head from the overview. Great. I jumped in the Warthog, and gunned it. I had to escape from the banshee, I ended up going back to the middle...right where I had begun and the banshee couldn't maneuver under the construct, so I was safe...for the moment. That’s when, 2 Warthogs, and a Scorpion class tank decided to join the party. Well, Time to die I suppose....I can't go down with a fight though, I discharged all of my grenades, destroying one of the Hogs'. It was about that time I could hear the tank locating its target. 3.........2......1....... ....*BOOM....BOOM*

    Chapter 7: Aren't I dead yet?

    In the Split second before the Tank fired I thought about Home, Earth...the green fields, the dark wonderful all of it was.... how my mom would be so horrified, getting a letter in the mail about my death, how I could never grow old with the girl I loved. Jennifer, my sweet, sweet Jen. My Father...who was never proud of me, always thinking I could do better. Well, Goodbye Mom...Dad...Jen...and even my kid brother John...I just hope he doesn't go down the same road I did...

    Wow....I didn't even feel it. Death I mean, wait...was I dead, and I opened my eyes and realized that the Tank never got a chance to fire. Over toward blue base I heard shots being fired, and the sound of 2 or 3 Pelicans whooshing around the base, my com popped on, "Hey Snack! Spartan here, I heard you needed a little help with all of these blues! What couldn't handle um yourself!" He said with a chuckle in his voice. That bastard....chuckling...*B oom* Another Rocket hit the last remaining warthog making chunks of it fly in my direction, just then the pelican came close enough for me to climb aboard. Thank God...I was finally safe...for the time being. "Were pulling out.....were taking 3 days. You don't have to come Snacky-Boi. You've done your job, here today." Spartan said, patting me on the back. My heart finally was able to slow down...I just sat there, listening to the wind and my heart.

    Back at Coagulation, I stepped into Cody's Office, he was leaning back in a black felt chair. I couldn't really say anything...I was beat, Spartan had already retreated to his corridors...but for some reason I had to stop by Cody's Office. "Killa is gonna make it, thanks to you. The doctors said if he wouldn't have lasted another 20 minutes as soon as he arrived. You are a brave man snack....there’s no doubt in that. May I shake your hand?" he said outreaching his hand. Suddenly I flashbacked to Waterworks, Cody trying to grab my hand, making my decision and saluting. It all seemed so surreal, it made me want to puke..want....puke.

    I later found out that I had passed out on Cody's floor, I was so exhausted, I slept for a day and a half. When I awoke, I was starving and had to go to the bathroom, not the best combination of things. After hitting the john, I headed over to the mess tent, I had only been here for less than 2 weeks and the food had already gone south for me, but I didn't care it was something to it, and I enjoyed every bite.

    Chapter 8: The Massacre at Waterworks...

    After another day of rest, it was finally time for it....the assault on Waterworks. I had yet to come up with a very hard decision, fight beside my fellow solider on the battlefield, or stay here and fight on the battlefield of dreams. I had come so far, in such a short amount of time I didn't know what to do. I thought very hard as I sat up in my cot, when I realized that someone had touched up my armor, it was now a bright shade of red. Wow, it must have been Cody's doing, a solemn thanks for what I did on Waterworks, almost sacrificing myself for the good of the mission. After that moment I had decided what I was going to, I was going to HAD to fight. Bout that time Black strolled into the room, "Damn Snacky, from what I hear, your quite the hero, saving your team which consisted for a Lt. Colonel and a Colonel. It was very, very selfless, and for that I award you the rank of Master Sergeant."

    Update 10/16/06 (MY BIRTHDAY)

    My BR was locked and loaded, with the safety on of course as I stepped onto the Pelican and set myself down next to Spartan. "Hey, I thought this over and going with you." "Snack, if I told you to get off this Pelican and go back to your barracks, what would you say?" I thought this over for a second and replied, "Hell no.....Sir." "Good Solider." He said laughing. I looked down to see who else was on board, Cody....Sights, and someone I’ve never heard, call sign, Tunakahuna. I bumped Cody and asked who Tuna was. Cody gave me a brief description, a hard worker, good shot when he wanted to be. But that’s was the least of my conferences, I could die today, but I had to shun that out of my mind.

    On the trip there, I was almost in a meditative state, thinking about every nook and cranny on that place. I would probably need it to survive, it wasn't that I didn't have doubt in my ability it was some of my teammates, Tuna "A good shot when he wanted to be." When he wanted to be, hell no, fuck that! He should be a good shot all the time, especially if it means my ass on the line.

    The pilot looked back and blared over our coms, "Were going in hot, I repeat, a helluva lot of blues covering the LZ!." "Lets ROLL TROOPS! I yelled over the com! as we touched down and begun to fight.

    zing....pat pat pat pat pat We were taking heavy artilery fire from a stationary 30 Cal Machine gun, directly on the front of blue base, along with the fire heading from many of the soldiers guns. Spartan yelled over the squad com, "Snackman, rally some troops and head across the bridge to red base and flank around, over." "Copy That." I said picking 3 fresh recruits straight out of boot camp, and Dommer. As we ran across the bridge, thoughts flooded back to me of my last encounter here. NO, NOT NOW, I have a mission to complete. We were about half a c lick around the ridge when Spartan got back on the COM. "Snack, scrub that mission, we have to hold this bridge until reinforcements arrive, I repeat, scrub current mission and head back to bridge." I repeated the message to my troops and we headed back. They must have been getting over run, and apparently now, if they take red base, we will have no stronghold when more troops arrive. Hold the Bridge, HOLD THE BRIDGE, were my only thoughts until we arrived back. Spartan was holding down behind the ladder that me and Cody used to retrieve Killadawg. "Snack, there’s an enemy tank, just above the ramp, we've taken heavy casualties, and reinforcements aren't due for another 15. We've got 2 rockets left, lots of BR ammo, 2 Sniper Rifles, and both Cody and I have sustained severe injuries, I cannot hold a weapon, and Cody is barley conscious." Spartan said, looking down at his burnt hands, "You are in charge of this mission, Cody and I are going to head over to Red Base, you only have Sights, Tuna, Dommer, and 3 Recruits left at your disposal. They are all that is left, SNACK, HOLD THIS BRIDGE THAT IS AN ORDER SOLIDER!" He said, as he got up and ran over the hill, as Cody laid up on his back.

    I Surveyed the squad, "Sights your Sniping, actually, YOU and Tuna are. Dommer, take this rocket, get to the top with Sights and Tuna, and if you get a shot on the tank.....take it." So, to hold the front were 3 recruits and me, well Privates..Corporals even. I had a bad feeling for of them spoke up over the COM, "Sir, what are our orders." I had really never delegated orders that could unintentionally lead someone to there death. "All 3 of you.....are going to be at the front....Do you copy? "YES SIR!" they all screamed in unison....these men were ready to die for the war, was I?

    (Updated 10/22/06)

    Just then the tank that Spartan had mentioned began to roll over the hill, just as it did, the memory of my last experience of a scorpion class tank came back to me. *I was standing In the exact same spot I am now....the exact same sound rung out as the tank loaded the round into the barrel of its massive cannon.* Even if the tank missed, the surrounding blast would surely kill my squad...and most likely myself. *Boom* My body seemed to move on its own as I jumped out of the way, the blast was so hot it caused my shield generator to kick on... "Shields?" "Spartan since when has my suit been equipped with shields?" No response, he didn't have time, and neither did I. It was to my knowledge though those soldiers didn't receive generators till the Warrant Officer Rank. But no time now, the tank had already reloaded. My com clicked on, "Snack this is Sights, if you can pop open that tanks hatch, im pretty sure that I can snipe the bastard out." "Roger." I said right as the tank was ready to fire. It was just till then that one of the recruits had snuck over to the tank, he wasn't going to have the rest of his teammates kill. I watched as this solider ran over to the tank, taking fire, blood falling from holes in his armor. He leaped up to the barrel of the tank and stuck his whole arm down it. When the tank fired, the soldiers arm and armor melted to the tanks barrel.

    It blew the solider clear from his arm, he went tumbling into the air, and landed..hard...right next to me.

    "Sir, one last request....kill me."
    he said as I removed his helmet, "Ill be waiting for you, sir." he said blood splirting from his lips. I checked him over really quick, his insides were all blown to shit, the only thing holding him together was what was left of his armor. He was barley conscious, but I could tell he was in pain, so I pulled out my pistol and ended his life.

    What did he mean, by I’ll be waiting for you....Heaven maybe. Like I was going there....after what I’ve done in this war...and what I will do, I doubt im going there. I checked my HUD for the time remaining until reinforcements arrive...ETA 2 Minutes. I can hold that long, we can hold that long. Soldiers began pouring out from behind the disabled tank. *Boom, BOOM, BOOM* "Ha-ha, 3 head shots!!!" Sights said over the COM. "GET DOWN ROCKETS!!!!!!!" Screamed Tunakahuna over the com, *BOOM BOOM* To rockets blasted the spot Tuna and Sights were sniping. Quickly I pulled up my roster and realized that Tuna's vitals had flat lined, but Sights vitals were stable, but his Blood pressure was dropping quick.

    "Sons of Bitches!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed running in to the fight with the soldiers on the front line. It felt as if I wasn't me for a moment, I was someone else, the pain of losing friends, soldiers that I didn't even know, I couldn't take it anymore.......IT WAS TO MUCH, I'd rather fight beside them and die then stay back and command them to their death. I popped the rocketeers that took out tuna and sights first thing, I would make them all pay, sooner or later. Bout that time, Spartan was radioed me over my PersonalCOM. "Snack!!! GET OUT OF THERE, AN AIR-STRIKE IS ENBOUND!!!!! GOD DAMNIT!! MOVE!!!!!!!" Spartan yelled over the com, I had to fight every bone and my body to move and retreat back, I activated my TEAMCOM feature and relayed the message to fall back. "Only one last thing to do." I said to the solider as they ran passed me. I climbed the latter that Sights and tuna had ventured up. It was a bloody mess, apparently Tuna had jumped in the way of the rocket that was aimed at Sights, hit um' right in the mid-section, blowing him apart. I ran over to sights, his vitals were still stable, but dropping. I had to get him, out of there ASAP, or well he would die, and I wasn't going to lose another solider on that day. The sound of the Pelicans that were about to strike the blues were almost deafening, I had to move quick, if I were to save Sights or myself. Dommer....WAIT WHERE WAS DOMMER....another solider gone...and it was my entire fault...

    I had barley escaped the danger zone when the pelicans dropped the strike. One of the pelicans wrapped around and landed in front of Sights and I, bout this time, Sights had come around, and I let him off my shoulder. He was a little freaked out at first because I had him slung over my shoulder and he didn't know where he was, but soon enough he got reoriented and I let um' down, we walked together, or rather one of us limped and the other one walked over toward the pelican. "Snack....what happened to Tuna?" he said and began to check his armor systems. "Sights, he saved your life....lets just leave it at that." I said, as I walked to the opening bay door of the pelican. As we walked up the to the pelican, Supafuz and Doctor Tsunami jumped out the back, "Snack, Sights, Get on the Pelican! That’s an order." "But, Sir! What about Spartan and Cody, they were both injured and headed over toward red base!!!!" Supa pointed over toward red base and said, "I will get them myself! NOW GET ON THAT DROPSHIP!" The Tsunami, TAKE THE PRIVATES AND CLEANUP ANY SURVIVING BLUES." Supa said, detaching the pelicans warthog. As he drove away I pondered why he had insisted on going himself. There could be hostiles over there....Either he was really crazy, or had a hatred over the blues like no other.

    I grabbed Sights and threw him up into the pelican, as we both sat down the 3 remaining privates joined us, their voices started to blur as I closed my eyes.......The same dream as before, my home...but there was something different, it was darker than before....not as almost felt as if I had lost a part of it, The green of the leaves had faded away into almost a grayish-green, the reds of the apples in the orchard, had become a blackish color. Life as I had knew it no longer existed for me...and I had a feeling that for as long as I breath that’s how it was going to home for me....The ARMY was my new home.

    Chapter 9: Home?
    "Home, sir?" Was the first words out of my mouth, when Black told me that I could spend some time back home, a short leave of absence....he said I had earned it... NO all I had earned was the blood of fallen soldiers, soldiers that would never get to see their families ever again, offspring that they would never make, All my fault, they had died under my command. I knew I didn't deserve it, but I took the break, it was my only chance to clear my head and maybe make some good. First thing I did when I arrived home was propose to my Girlfriend...., she turned me down. Coldheartedly, but with a reason, she said that she wouldn't be able to stand me going away for months or even years, no matter how strong that our loves WAS. I had only been home for a day and I wanted to leave, I stayed with my parents for the next 3 weeks, just to give them some more time with their son....whoever he was now. I just put on the same smile, or at least I think it was the same smile....every time they saw it their faces lit up. As long as I made them happy then that was fine. But, my home was no longer here....I said my goodbyes to my parents, and I think they knew deep down inside that I would never return. I arrived at the pelican that would take me back to Coagulation, I thought not of home when I rode in the pelican that time, I thought of the blues, and how I would make them pay for what they had done.....ALL OF THEM.

    Chapter 10: A Traitor Among Us

    5 Years Later

    "It has been 5 YEARS since that faithful day on Waterworks." was the beginning to Black's speech that will be heard all throughout Red Territory. "Same shit every year aye Sights." I said looking over toward the newly appointed Chief Warrant Officer, Black says Flag's and regular officers shouldn't mingle...but eh, what the hell, I’ve saved this kids life many times...and I was only a second LT "Damn right Snacky-boi." he said, turning back his attention up to the podium. After Black had finished his ramble about how Red was advancing every day, and how the war might be very close to ending soon, which most of us knew was a lie, I checked my watch and hurried for my meeting with Killadawg. When I arrived, he was sipping on some unknown alcohol. Hell for all I knew it was mix of some strong stuff, because it was strong smell...very strong. He was mid drink when he realized I had entered and pointed to the seat in front of his desk. "Snack, do you know why you are here?" he said wiping his mouth. "No Sir, is it to brief me on my next mission?" "No, 5 years ago, or little bit more than 5 years ago, you saved me from the blues, and I never paid you back for that." He said as he removed his pistol with lightning fast speed, he did it so quick, I had no time to react. He shot. *Shwsh* A dart flew into my chest. "This is your payback....I will not kill you here today. I've come to realize that the blues are going to win this war...and there nothing you, Spartan, Black, Cody, Supa, Doctor Tsunami, AND ANYONE WITH POWER CAN DO ABOUT IT. All of you will die by the hand of the blues. Now, I have to take my leave." He said walking out the door, and I drifted off into dreamland.

    Later I awoke to find myself still lying on the cold tile floor in Killadawg's office. Killadawg...a traitor, that bastard. I removed the dart from my chest and tucked it into my front pocket, whatever was in that dart it was highly powerful and I wanted answers. But, if Killa wanted me dead, he would have killed me. "Our debt is repaid." he said....No...he’s a traitor...and he’s going to have to pay for that. The camps COM system began to blare, "Snack, SIGHTS, GET YOUR SQUADS AND REPORT TO THE MESS ON THE DOUBLE." Black yelled over the camps COM.

    Sights and I arrived at the same time, both of our squad members had already lined up and were awaiting orders. Sights and I saluted Black, and reported in in unision. " Squad Leaders Alpha and Beta Reporting IN!" Black gestured for us to sit down at one of the lunch tables, "I believe you both know why your here..." If he meant Killadawgs departure why wasn't I awoken? He must mean something different..."Some ancient Covenant technologies from the Human-Covenant war were stolen earlier this evening." He said with a very grim look on his face and a tone that shook my bones. "Sir! It is the 2nd Lt's duty to inform you that Killadawg has become a traitor and escaped to join the Blues!!!" I said in one long breath. Once the last word came out of my mouth Black's look changed from worried to dumbfounded to angry. "WHY WASN'T I INFORMED OF THIS EARLIER?????" he said. I reached into my front pocket and said, "Sir, because I was knocked out on Killadawg's floor with this!" I said, handing the dart to Black. "Damn...he’s probably been planning this for a long time, but if I’m right he would have reprogrammed the teleporter to Warlock, those things can only jump so far you know." he looked at the world map on the wall, "Okay Snack...your going to take Alpha squad and Doctor Tsunami and go to Warlock, Sights you, Supafuz and Beta are gonna go to the only other place he could teleport to, Colossus....Dismissed."

    We arrived at the Teleporter suited up minutes later, the top of red base on Coag was a site to see during the day, an overview of the whole canyon, it was beautiful. "All ready to go for Warlock, busman!" said one of the techs working on the teleporter. I nodded in his direction as my squad and I ran threw. Br's at the ready my squad and I scanned the area for any hostiles. 2 seconds after our arrival Doctor Tsunami arrived threw the Teleporter. "Sorry for being late." he said in a whisper, and started stealthing over toward the middle column. Just then a loud explosion happened followed by smoke and 3 blues and Killadawg, still wearing his Red regulation armor. Killadawg had no visible weapons except he was holding something in his hand. I signaled for my squad to flank around and draw fire away for Dr. Tsunami and I. "I knew Black would send his "Best and Brightest" to come retrieve me and the Technologies I stole." He said running toward Doctor Tsunami with lightning fast speed, punching him in the gut and pinning him to the middle column. "You bastard...I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE A PIECE OF SHIT TRAITOR!!!!" Those were the last words Doctor Tsunami would ever say, because the object in Killadawg's hand was a Covenant Sword, an Energy sword....he activated it and plunged it deep into Doctor Tsunami's gut, burning away tissues and organs.

    Chapter 11: The Death Of A General

    Killadawg stabbed the sword into the middle column, and hung Doctor Tsunami there, removing the soldier’s helmet just in time to see the blood spurt for his mouth......and dripping to the ground. Then it stopped, the blood stopped pouring from his mouth and his wound. He was dead.....I checked his vitals on my squad list...flat lined. "GOD DAMNIT KILLADAWG!" I said enraged at what just happened, "ILL MAKE YOU PAY!" "He was a weak general....the weak don't deserve to live..." He said pulling out his pistol and firing a single round into Tsunami's skull. I couldn't take it and began firing a full clip of SMG in his direction, he had no time to retrieve the sword from Tsunami's stomach, he only had enough time to through the portal. He was gone again, slipped through my fingers....

    Sight's squad ran through one of the other Portals just as Killadawg escaped. "WHAT HAPPENED!!" he said looking over toward the fallen general’s body, suspended in mid-air. I looked over and began to cry. I can't remember the last time I was so long ago...I didn't even think I remembered how. I radioed Black, "Black, this mission is a scrub..." I said, not even granting him his seniority of the word "Sir". "SNACK, YOUR MISSION IS NOT OVER TILL I SAY IT’S OVER!" "GOD DAMNIT BLACK, TSUNAMI IS DEAD!! WE HAVE LOST A GENERAL! I REPEAT OUR 1-STAR GENERAL IS FUCKING DEAD!" After that there was a long silence over the Com, "Alright, Snack...scrub the mission, retrieve 'his' body and come home." After hearing those words I walked over to the body that was formally Doctor Tsunami, Saluted him, and turned off the energy sword. He fell like a pile of bricks; I caught him right before he hit the ground, hoisted him over my shoulder and continued through the teleporter...back to what was "Home".

    Chapter 12: The....Aftermath.

    Carrying Doctor's body all the way to field hospital was a little much, but it was the least I could do. This man we all respected was now dead, and there was nothin' I or the powers at be could do about it.

    An emergency meeting was held directly after I returned. Sights and I sent our squads to the barracks and headed to the briefing tent.

    The 4 generals sat high in their chairs facing the officers,

    Black, Spartan, Lunar, and Supafuz, looked onto the crowd. Black began to stand and made his way to the podium.

    "The loss of Doctor Tsunami was a big one, he was a good leader, and a good friend, and he will be sorely missed!" Black expressed.

    "But, we have to continue as business as usual. Cody will now step up as active 1-Star General. His spot will be filled accordingly, and so on and so forth. Snackman retrieved one of the articles that Killadawg managed to escape with, an energy sword was retrieved. From what are experts can tell, he also escaped with 4 Plasma Rifles, 2 Carbines, 10 Plasma Pistols, 3 Energy swords 'Aside from that which Snackman returned', and two crates of plasma grenades, which may contain up to 200 plasmas." Black said, stopping only to catch his breath.

    "The only choice we have is to track Killadawg, directly to the blues main operation." Black said, being interrupted by Sights.

    "How do we track him, he got away at Warlock, and that portal leads to...well everywhere."

    "That problem was solved by the late Doctor Tsunami, probably in his last few moments of life, he tagged a tracker on Killadawg, so small it will go un-noticed, at least for a week, if his armor is not inspected or clean as soon as he's debriefed, it was his last and final ordered, delivered by myself."

    I was angry, Black had to know that Killa would go for the kill if Doctor got close enough to tag um'. But, if his death was a not in vain then maybe it was okay, maybe I could overcome this.

    A moment of awe came over myself and the rest of the officers. We now had a way to track Killadawg, and a direct chance to finish this fight once and for all with the blues.

    ...Later that day......

    I stood behind Black as he stood behind a tech furiously working on pinpointing the tracker.

    "Got it!" said the Tech. Black quickly pushed the Tech out of the seat and sat down, typing furiously.

    "Snack, from what I see here....he stopped at Containment........could the blue capital be in Containment, take 10 of our best men and scout ahead, radio back, and I’ll deploy the rest of the god damn army!"

    Chapter 13: Blue's Capital

    My Squad and I quickly made our way through a series of teleporters, headed straight for Containment, all the way contemplating what I would do if I ran into Killadawg, protocol would tell me that I have to capture him, and somehow fight my way off this Capital, if it was one. But, what if a fire-fight broke out, what if he died? Would that be for the best? I had to make a decision soon, otherwise...

    "Sir, arriving at Containment in 5---4---3---2---1!" said a private as the bright white of Containment's snow blinded the soldiers.

    "Men, turn your visors polarization up 10 clicks." The white of the snow soon faded and the landscape became clearly visible.

    Blues scowered the land-face, just seeing their armor made me want to pull out my trusty battle rifle and gun as many of them down as I could, before being noticed. But that was not my mission here; I had to report back to command.

    "Private.......Hanata ro?" I said, turning my squad COM open.

    "Yes, Sir!"

    "Get back to the teleporter, travel back, tell CO BlackDragon what the situation is, then travel back with whatever forces he deems necessary to deploy, Also, we are proceeded with a seek and capture mission. This mission is of the utmost danger. All that do not wish to accompany me please step aside. This is not a mandatory mission and you will not be punished if you do not accept."

    Two of the ten men step forward from the line.

    "Fine....Come." I motioned for the two men to follow close, I watched as the others made their way safely back through the portal.

    We crept along the edge of what looked to be a caved in tunnel. Blue army soldiers lining up in front of what appeared to be a base. A regiment meeting perhaps, but I could never tell the difference, it was always one of my down points.

    It would be so easy; the soldiers were all so help less, one well placed rocket, and grenade or two. I could end of a hundred easily.

    But, I had to stay true; killing all these soldiers would not get me closer to Killadawg.

    "Sir, what should we do?" Said one of the soldiers from over my shoulder.

    I turned on my video recording system, and just zoomed in and watched. This could help us later on, Black and crew should be arriving in less then ten minutes.

    "Wait, I’ve decided that is the best course to take."

    I examined what the two soldiers had; one of them had a sniper rifle hunched over his back, followed by a pair of pistols strapped to his waist. The other solider was carrying a Rocket Launcher over one shoulder, and a single pistol, and then myself, I had a battle rifle shouldered, followed by a shotgun over my back. With tons of ammo to spare.

    "Sniper, hand me the sniper." I commanded the solider, and he did as he was told. I zoomed in on the faces of the blue soldiers, none of them had their protective gear on, and their vital spots were so vulnerable. These malicious thoughts had never come over me before, but I somehow enjoy them. The thought of taking revenge, it almost change my whole out-look on life.

    That’s when I saw him, standing in front of all of the soldiers, wearing stars across his collar. Killadawg....

    Chapter 14: Revenge...

    He might have been telling his troops vital information, but I didn't care. I wanted him dead, but a sniper bullet to the face wouldn't be enough, it wouldn't be justice. I wanted to shot his kneecaps, and then grind on the stumps. It was sickening, but that’s how he deserved to die. Not quick and painless, but slow....slow and painful.

    On my waist, I had something very important to my revenge. A Covenant Energy Sword. I would drive this into Killadawg's heart, after I had my fun...well fun, is that really the word? My....revenge, am I really that malicious, am I something that I don't want to be, is this really who I am? What happened to caring he still there?

    "Com link up.....Snack....its Black, 500 plus troops have arrived, lead the assault, capture Killadawg, and recover anything you can. Shoot to kill, capture officers if you can."

    I so wanted to just pop Killa's head straight off, but that would be to easy of a death for him. I would capture him myself and show him what pain really is.

    "Alright men, you heard the General, Smoke the bastards and capture all that you can. Killadawg will not die here today!"

    "Smoke um' if ya got um' men!" I said yelling and throwing the first frag gernade into the crowd of blues.

    They all acknowledged my answer and I aimed the sniper rifle right across one of the soldier’s temple, I took the shot. A clean shot threw and threw; it even nicked his buddy in the arm, sending him into a seizure like state on the ground

    “GO, GO, GO!!!!!!!!!” I screamed through the COM. 500 Red army soldiers came pouring out of the wood work, it almost felt like an earthquake beneath my feet. The rush that came with this fight was almost unlike anything I had ever experienced. The blues hadn’t stood a chance, most of them had little or no armor on during the briefing, so the legion of red soldiers mopped most of them up pretty quickly, I pulled up my roster, all five hundred men had been added on, only 10 X’s appeared of names, ten lost in such a short amount of time. The loss would be considered as efficient though, a good use of soldier’s lives. I would make sure those soldiers families were awarded Legions of Honor. I kept my motion tracker on killadawg and watched him scurry off behind the platform on which he stood. I ran over and jumped over and onto him, knocking the wind out of him.

    “Get off me you sonofabitch!” He screamed, knowing that there was no chance of escape.

    “You can’t win Snack! There’s no WAY YOU CAN WIN!” He said pulling out his pistol.

    However, I was a little bit quicker, my pistol was out in no time and I shot for his hand. My Magnum blew his hand clean off, the gun clattered away. “STOP! This is ridiculous Snack! I SPARED YOU!” I shot him once in the knee cap. He screamed out in agony, his screams were blood curdling. That’s when I pulled out the Covenant Energy Sword attached to my waist, and his eyes became larger and brighter than the sun. “Stop this…please…I beg of you… I don’t want to die.” He said, tears coming to his eyes.
    I stared at him for the longest time, “Doctor Tsunami didn’t want to die…, and all of these blue soldiers didn’t want to die. No one WANTS to die!” I said inching closer and closer to him.

    I was supposed to capture him, take him alive. The energy sword in my hand felt as if it would be his tool of destruction, all the lives this man had taken because he wanted to be bigger and better than everyone else. I would take him alive but he would have to pay a little more. I move closer and then slashed, removing his right arm from the rest of his body. Shock set in soon after that, I knew I had to get him back before he died, so I injected some bio-foam into his open wound, I added him to my roster and checked his vitals, stable. He would live…at-least for today.

    The sound of Pelican drop ships could be heard off in the distance, a legion of them.

    “Sir, scout reporting in from the base of the canyon, one hundred, I repeat one hundred pelican drop-ships inbound. Bogies, I repeat all bogies.”

    This was not good, it would defiantly be a 2 to 1 situation, and any remaining soldiers would pile up and fight also. They would have double our numbers and then some. This war had just escalated because of this bastard hung over my shoulder.

    I had to get my men back before they got to the portal and shut it down. I ran full speed back to teleporter, set it up as a rally point, put it on everyone’s heads up display, and radioed for conformation, although I didn’t get to many answers back. The reason for this was answered when I arrived at the portal; hundreds of blue soldiers had fallen out of the base, blind-siding my men, and with the pelican drop-ships in bound, we stood not a chance.

    I pulled up my roster and men were dropping off it like flies, one after another, I could hear screams off in the distance. What have we done to capture this bastard?

    “Any remaining soldier fall back to rally point ALPHA, on the double.”

    I saw about one hundred soldiers running back to the rally, only a hundred…I pulled the Sniper Rifle off of my back and tried to help as many as I could.

    Only seventy five made it, made it back to the portal that is. Twenty rocket carrying blue soldiers set up fifty meters off dead ahead, waiting for the order to fire.

    “Grab Killadawg and get threw the portal, soldier!” I told someone as they tried running straight through, but they stopped and obliged my order.

    I would have to be the last one through, there was no way I could take twenty rockets and live, maybe one, one that was aimed poorly. Once I made sure that all the men had made it through the portal, I made my break for it. However I wouldn’t be so lucky, I heard the sound of rockets coming up my back fast, I pushed my shield generators to my back side, hoping that it would propel me through the portal and safely out the other side.

    I got lucky, the cave the portal laid in was small, and only one rocket made it through, and nailing me square in the back, sending me through the portal and out the other side. Waiting for me was seventy five soldiers; waiting to shut down the portal systems, as they did a huge sigh of relief came out of all of their mouths.

    “Sir! Permission to sit down, sir!” One of the soldiers said, trying to stand as tall as he could.

    “Gr…an…ted…” I managed to choke out, before coughing up blood into my helmet, and passing out onto the floor.

    Chapter 15: Dream On

    Another hospital bed, I had been here so many times in five years it was starting to get like my bedroom. Waking up with pains all over your body was something you just never got used to, that’s when the doctor walked in.

    “Well, Snack, I have some good news and some bad news.” He said, sitting down in the chair next to the bed.

    “Your insides are all blown to shit, how you’ve stayed together this long is beyond me. You’re going to need at least a month of bed rest, and surgery to clean up whatever you’ve got left inside you that isn’t mush.” He said looking down, “But after that you should be fine.”

    “So, what’s the good news?”

    ‘You’re not dead! One of these times though, your going to fall apart and I’m not going to be able to put you back together…” He said with a chuckle and left the room.

    A month is a long time to wait around in a hospital bed, I had to get back out their as soon as possible, that is where I belonged, on the front line, fighting with my troops. Also, that bastard Killadawg may still be around, if Black hadn’t finished him off already.

    Sights had visited me many times as I lay in the hospital bed, giving me current updates on what is going out in the field, and what was going on in the compound.

    “Snack, shit is really going down the tubes in the hierarchy, all the generals are fighting back and forth about when is the best time to send the first attack on the blues, a lot of shit has also come up about you…your obsession with getting Killadawg was a little extreme.”

    I knew this, the bastard killed a friend of mine right in front of me, a man I respected did this to me, and the rest of the army.

    “I know, I’m done with that though, he’s been capture and will most certainly pay.” I said, looking down at my hands.

    “From what everyone is saying though, the first strike will be held in two weeks, will you be ready by then.”

    Just as he finished saying this I coughed and blood spurted out from my lips, “Two weeks? I’ll be fine by then.” I said, smiling with the blood redness of my teeth.

    Chapter 16: First Strike

    I walked out of the hospital with a clean bill of health, however the doctor warned me about extraneous movement for at least another week. I hated to disobey the doctor’s orders, but I was going to go on this OP.

    Time was of the essence as I walked into the Chief of Staff’s office, from the information I had received earlier on in the day from Sights, the Op was going down tonight, an infiltration of the blue forces and then, detonation of a Havok Special Forces nuke inside the blue capital, this would be a night to remember.

    “Sir, permission to go on the night OP.” I said, giving the best salute I could.

    “Permission denied! You just got out of the hospital; I’m not letting you back into the field so soon.” He said, standing up and turned his back from me.

    “You’re a valued officer here Snack, the other general s and I have decided to promote you to Lieutenant Colonel, this is that your still alive in the next 24 hours. The operations that these soldiers will be going on will almost be suicidal; the chance of half of them coming back is 10 to 1.” He said placing a manila folder on his desk. “But, if you are so intent on killing yourself then you may go on this op, but you have to come back alive! All the info you need is right here, report to Cody, at 2200 hours. You are dismissed.”

    A few hours later I was suited up and ready to go, I walked up to the tent with hundreds of soldiers surrounding it, I must be in the right place. “Officer on DECK!!!” On of them screamed and they all saluted me. I gave a courteous salute back, and made my way into the tent.

    Cody and a few other officers were standing around a square table looking over what appeared to be plans of some sort. As I stepped in closer Cody noticed I was there, he hadn’t been the same ever since Killadawg became a traitor.

    “Hello Snack, you’ll be leader troop # 4, call sign: Wind. Please get them ready we’ll be leaving in t-minus ten minutes, please set your mission clock.” I did as I was told, I noticed the stars on Cody’s lapel, 3 Star General.

    “Sights, your team will be in charge of the prisoner.” Cody said to Sights.


    "Wait, Killadawg is still alive, and were taking him BACK to where we got him from." i said to Cody

    "Yes, we have no clue where we are going, yes he may be leading us into a trap, but with a gun to the back of his skull he very may well lead us true."

    At this time my blood was on fire, i had almost died getting this son of a bitch back...and now, we were taking him back, he would most likely escape. That when i remembered the shots to the knee's and the wounded hand. They could have healed him, how else would he be able to lead the way.

    "If shit goes down, i'm going to kill the bastard." I said, leaving the tent.

    Chapter 17: Back to hell

    I stood in-front of the teleporter back to Containment, one of the coldest places on earth. I had to face my own demons before i went through this portal, there wasn't much time left before the mission began.

    "I can do this, i've done this many times before." i kept sayin to myself. I faced death almost every day as long as i've been a soldier, i can do it atleast one more time.

    I soldier stood in front of me messing with the control panel that activated and deactivated the system.

    “Sir, it was pretty damaged on the way back from last time, if I open her up; I’m not sure how stable she’ll be.” Said the Corporal

    “Do it Corporal, this will be one of our last mission’s anyways.” I said, hoping not to scare the enlisted men to much.

    But that was the truth; most likely none of us would come back alive, there was nothing I, or Ground Command, or Fleet Command could do about it. I looked up, and watched the orbiting frigates, “And so the end of times is near, you shall be not be saved!” said a soldier who had apparently gone out of his god damn mind.

    I walked over and set a hand on the insane man’s shoulder, “Get a hold of yourself, we are all a little scared, it’s natural.”

    “No, the end is near! WE MUST REPENT!” the solider said and ran off into his barracks.

    A faint gunshot was heard off in the distance.

    “Damn….Corporal ETA on the Teleporter?

    “Five more minutes sir.” He said and got back to his work.

    My radio started chiming with static and then Black’s voice came on, “Snack, a mass amount of Blue troops is surrounding the upper walls of the canyon. We have no option, but to abandon Coagulation, if you still choose to go on this mission they’re likely to be no one to kill and you will die. It’s a suicide mission, grab all the soldier’s you can, were going to make a jump to the frigate. We have to abandon our home; I have made preparations for at Acenstion, direct your teleporter there and wait for the Frigate.”


    “Lt. Colonel, the portal is fully operational, I just need the coordinates and we’ll be set to go, sir.”

    “The mission is a scrub soldier, redirect the portal to Acension.” I said, looking down toward the ground, leave these places…leave home? This place was our home, Red’s home, and yet, after the past three years of this god damn war we couldn’t even stand to up-hold our home!

    I thought of other places, my real home, how the blues would take that over that place, this damn war on this god forsaken continent.

    More question then flooded into my head, why the frigate, were we leaving Earth all together?

    I had no more connections on this planet, was it alright just to leave?

    Was it best just to surrender?

    I had so many emotions running trough my mind at once, I just couldn’t stand it.

    “Ready to go, sir!” said the Corporal as he made a pathway for me.

    “Everyone, fall in by rank, and kiss this place goodbye, we won’t be back.”

    As I said that, it seemed that all of them at once turned around and just stared, the green grass, it may have just been a base in a canyon, but it truly was our home.
    Chapter 18: Goodbye and Hello

    The transition through the portal always felt the same, the green light felt warm and It gave me a tingling sensation all over my body. After a few seconds the sensation was over, and the high atmosphere air base of Acension.

    Cody and Sights were standing next to an iron clad pelican with a giant red arm painted across the side and the name, Delta Fire.

    “Sir, Lt. Colonel, reporting in as Requested.” I said, saluting Cody.

    “Good Man.” He said saluting back.

    "Sir, Killadawg, he's useless now, lets leave him." I said, i didn't even want him dead anymore, he was useless.

    Cody just stared at me for a long while, "Its already been taken care of Snack, don't worry about it anymore, anyways there are more pressing matters at hand. Apparently, there are some unknown forces coming into the Sol system. As of 2300 Hours, there is a permanent ceasefire until the threat is determined and or exterminated."

    This struck me like a bullet to the chest, "You mean alien forces? There hasn't been any activity since the end of the human-covenant war, over 200 years ago! The Arbiter and all his race left, left us to rebuild!"

    "Yes, Snack i know of all these tales, we all know the history of humanity. But, it may not be the elites, we have always pondered what happened to the Brutes, Jackals, Hunters, and Grunts. They all have Homeworlds, and the ship appears to be of....Covenant origin." He said, in a grim tone.

    "Just one ship?" I asked, hoping that we could destroy a single ship.

    "That we have made visual contact with, the rest could be hovering out of view." Cody said, stepping up into the pelican and sitting in one of the seats.

    "So, whats the plan?" I asked, as i stepped next to Sights.

    "As of right now, there are a few choices we have. Our first idea would be to try to make contact with the ship, the frigate's AI system sent a signal to it, so far, there has been no answer back....our second choice would be sending a fire team in, checking for hostiles, and reporting back, and our last choice, which we are most weary about is to just bomb the hell out of it, fire everything we've got at it."

    I stood there, thinking about all the choices, there was only one that seemed logical, the fire team. I knew that sights agreed
    ========================= ========================= ===========

    Unfortunately the story was never completed, but nonetheless, it was still an awesome thing to have for our community.

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    Just so people know, I believe Snack actually had a book published.

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    He did Andi.
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    Holy Shit. That was an epic story that makes me want to go back in time and find this community long before I even got a 360....

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    Spartan. Where did you dig this up from? *starts to drool*

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    Snacky. ='/
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    God it must suck for all of the vets seeing things like this that make them think of old friends who aren't around anymore.

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    And to think I was loyal to blue back then. I'll start reading #3 when i get back.

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