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    Re: looks like it's time

    The trailer for bloodbourne turned me away
    "I bought a xbox one to watch my team suck in HD"

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    Re: looks like it's time

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxdoggy View Post
    Dark Souls II comes out for Xbox One soon!
    Meh. At this point I'm just holding out for Battlefront 3 and H5. When Battlefront 3 drops, the no life shall commence

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    Re: looks like it's time

    Quote Originally Posted by Ominous Solace View Post
    Yeah I know. I have that already paid for. But still why not get the PS4 other people do Xbox one and PC. I'll just do Xbox one and PS4

    If you're just buying it for Bloodbourne, then buying a PS4 is a mistake unless you can strike a great deal. Like someone pointed out, Dark Souls is coming to XB1 soon and its like Bloodbourne. Why not just save that $300 for a $60 game? I'd say wait on getting a PS4 until you see several games you want to play that are only on it.

    But, it is your money and not ours. So we really can't tell you what to do

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