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    Containment files 002

    //:Incoming Message. Userid ["B*****"]:

    Hey, i'm glad i caught you online. sending you a file i found, read it now. Spread it. Burn this thing to pieces before it bites all of us in the ass.

    perhaps i'm being hasty, there's no way to confirm any of the info. I found it running the imperial encryption key used in their previous flood files through unrelated files looking for any secrets. it was a complete long shot but it payed off. A simple inventory report from the carrier Thormium was hiding a different message.

    Experiment Log 204
    Encryption Code: <Redacted>
    Public Key: file/ Hunger Rising/
    From: <Redacted>
    To: <Redacted>
    Subject: Experiment Log 204
    Classification: Zero Star (QRRT Directive, Section 47-B Conwin Protocols)

    Specimens Have escaped containment. Spores were used over a significant period of time to infest an airlock, clinging in small areas where they could survive the decontamination and latch on to hosts. Over the course of the past <Redacted>, spores built up until they could take over Doctor S. <Redacted> all at once. he Broke open the doors, releasing the specimens onto the ship. This will be our final report. No additional findings on the specimens. Our ships self destruct has been initiated, and a course has been set away from research station <Redacted> Our nukes will detonate and purge everything from this ship. It's been an honor contributing to the empire.
    The thing is, this file doesn't make sense... a redacted encryption, and layered over with a green level brotherhood encryption? a zero star classification? what even is that? I've never even heard of the QRRT directive or section 47 of the conwin protocols. The carrier Thormium? originally made near the end of the first war between the brotherhood and empire, it's an antique by our standards. The thing is, while it saw use during the second war, it went missing halfway through. Nobody's heard from it since.... but despite the complete unknown state of the ship amongst the empire, a little digging shows it's been sending regular 'inventory reports'. can you guess how many? Yup, 204 in total. I'll send the rest to you, but the last one is most alarming. is it just me or does that reference a flood research station? That can only end badly...

    I'll let you make sense of this. I know you have other sources to pull from, and you know the people to talk with about this. good luck.

    //:Sending Message: ...

    Thanks for the heads up. The halo's were bad enough, But the empire's had contact with flood since the second war? I'm forwarding these files to one of my contacts. He'll get a team together, i'm sure. We need to destroy this research facility. it's all good and well if they want a cure, but i have a bad feeling that a cure isn't on their priority list.

    //:Forwarding Messages (Past/3) [Contact: "P******"]

    //:Sign off user ["S******"]?
    //:Signing off...
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