Hey guys, Bazongaman here.

I'm currently looking for some people that would like to join in a new series I plan to do for my channel.


I plan to start a brand new world and looking to build a world that people can come to to get their achievements. I already have most of the achievements, but still have a couple to go and figured maybe playing with a few of you could speed things up and make it fun all at the same time!

Here is my plan:

- Recordings I plan to start is Monday (5/18)
- Recordings will start at roughly 12 pm (noon) PST and run for maybe an hour or so.
- May do the recordings every day or a couple times a week.
- If you have a microphone and want to record your audio as well, do so. You can send them to me through skype and I'll edit them into the video. No microphone and just an Xbox Mic? Perfectly fine, but your voice may not be heard or if it heard, it will be quiet.
- I'm looking for professional players. Not looking at to much fucking around except just a typical "lets have fun" mindset
- You may hear a couple of times (if I forget to mute my mic) do an intro after a little while in each recording. Just ignore it, should only take 30 seconds or less to do an intro.
- The biggest goal/main goal is to get to the End and beat the Ender Dragon. Other achievement set ups are a bonus.
- World will be in survival only and will range from a normal difficulty to the hardest (depending how the participants feel about it). Difficulty will stay the same the entire time, I will not make it easier unless we chose to restart.

How to Join!
- Post your Gamertag in the comments and which days you can partake in this adventure.
- I will not be recording on weekends. That is for battlenights and I work weekends, so don't count on me being on for recordings at that time unless said otherwise.
- Also, post below your best times you can be on. If I have to move the times around, I will. However, I plan to keep it the same for every day. Anything past 3pm PST is already a no-no unless said other wise.
- Post your skype name as well. I'll add you to a group chat just for this. Participants are only allowed in the group chat.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!