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    Attention FC Members with Capture Cards!


    E3 is coming up and I am starting to see all of us like to play a lot of games together outside of Battlenights. Another great way for this community to be shown out publicly is through gameplay videos. I'v done several videos for FC (i'll post some below) and figured "Why don't we have or use the FC Channel as a source for anything FC related including videos outside of Halo?".

    I don't expect many members will have capture cards, but I know a couple of us do have them, so why not take advantage of it to bring more awareness to this community? This will also be a great outlet for those community members that aren't able to compete in Battles but can still have fun and take part in other things with us.

    The question(s) is:
    "Who all has a capture card"
    "Who is willing to record some games as well play with other members"
    "Who is willing to take part in these videos"

    Remember, through these videos, we're representing FC. So in said videos, we should still show we are a fun community built around respect.

    These videos can range from Halo to Minecraft to PC gaming to podcasts.

    Many times this has been tried in the past and they started pretty well, but slowly people started to not want to take part and things slowed down and eventually ended. So lets get them back going again.

    Who all wants to do this?!

    (once a group is formed of recorders, we will start to talk about how soon we should get our videos out there)

    (FC Teaser Trailer that sadly was never finished)

    (My first FC Promo Video)

    (REDD Recruitment Video I was working on)

    (episodic show I had planned to create a story behind the birth of the Squad I was in)

    as well as many other videos!

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    Re: Attention FC Members with Capture Cards!

    I've been planning to do some stuff like this once I move and get set up, so give me a month or so (no promises though )

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