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    Tabletop RPG

    Hey yall, I am currently in the process of designing a tabletop rpg set in the halo universe. I am already into playtesting. I am wondering if there are any rpg players out there that have a group and would mind helping me playtest as the development progresses?

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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    All I need is a time and a place.

    We also have a Forum RP in beta if you want in to that. It seems like something you might be into.

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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    I will keep you updated

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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    Same, I'm down
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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    i'll give it a look.
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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    Good to know we have so many tabletoppers

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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    I would be a tabletopper if I had friends IRL.



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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    I tabletop! Lemme know if you need any help.
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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    I have a group of 4-12 people who play DnD on Tuesday evening.
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    Re: Tabletop RPG

    Bunch of dnd nerds around here. Haha. Gotta love it. As soon as I have more written down and a bit more playtested with my group I will upload the goods and yall can help me with some secondary testing

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