View Poll Results: When do you want the Next War to begin?

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  • July 5th

    8 36.36%
  • July 12

    14 63.64%
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    Re: When shall it begin?

    Ominous, just so you know, I'm really liking these thread names.

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    Re: When shall it begin?

    I voted the 12th as I won't be near my Xbox One because of the July 4th weekend.
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    Re: When shall it begin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxdoggy View Post
    I voted the 12th as I won't be near my Xbox One because of the July 4th weekend.
    Thats why I voted for the 12th. Some people leave town for the 4th so they might not be able to do a battle night that sunday

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    Re: When shall it begin?

    That's fine. That is why we are doing a poll, to see what you all as a community would want.

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    Re: When shall it begin?

    The votes have been casted! The next war will begin at 6pm EDT on Sunday July 12th. Get ready and be prepared.

    The games that thus war will be played on will be Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary.

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