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    Ricochet Street League

    Ricochet is a lot of fun, and I think it would be cool to have a Ricochet league in FC (at least for the remainder of peacetime, but maybe even extending into the next war). I'm willing to organize and run a league, but I want to make sure there is enough interest before I start anything.

    Current Idea:
    I would like to have a 3v3 league because I think Ricochet strategies in 3v3s are much more diverse and complex than the more traditional 4v4s. In addition, smaller team sizes means more variety of opponents for the same number of people signing up. However, if people are strongly opposed to 3v3s, I'm fine with doing a 4v4 league.

    I think the best way to setup teams would be a simple draft. All of the players signup for a night of Ricochet, captains randomly selected from a pull of willing volunteers would then pick their teams. An alternative system would be a weighted random selection of teams where players are rated based on the win rate of their team during the past night.

    For maps and gametypes I think we could do a queue where players are given the option to submit a map game type combination, then 4 combinations are put up for a vote before the matches and the winning two combinations are the fields for that night.

    Gametype List:
    H2A Ricochet Classic
    H4 Ricochet Classic
    H2A Fiesta Ricochet
    H4 Fiesta Ricochet
    H2A Swat Ricochet
    H4 Swat Ricochet

    I'm 99% sure that we can create Fiesta and Swat Ricochet variants, but if not they can be removed from the list. If you have any other suggestions for gametypes those can be added too.

    Any ideas? Who would be interested?

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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    Grifball > Ricochet

    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    Ricochet on Haven in H4 gives me bad memories...

    Otherwise, I fucking love that gametype.
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    Re: Ricochet Street League

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    Grifball > Ricochet
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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    If the times suit, I'd be up for this.

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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    Count me in.
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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    Ill play.
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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    I sure as heck will play me sum ricochet!!

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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    This sounds like fun I'm down

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    Re: Ricochet Street League

    I'm in
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