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    Renegade Saga | Escape

    Three Weeks Earlier...

    I stood up, carefully stretching as to not bump my head in the cramped space of BLUE's SI/CF barracks. This building, shielded from the outside world, had become my prison following the group's return to BLUE. They monitored everything. Hell, there might've even been a sensor in this newfangled armor detecting how fast I breathed. The surface of that armor, black, absorbed light. When I walked through the halls, other technicians stared at me, like I was some anomaly.
    And I was.
    Divinity's return and subsequent re-name to Renegade had baffled me, as nothing seemed to be wrong. But when I stepped off the Pelican months ago, to return to the same base I'd broken from with my comrades, they took me down to the Basement. That should've been my first red flag. Sitting down at my station, there in the deep dark belly of the beast of the BLUE war machine, I continued thinking, debating. After the power change, everything had begun to get more tense down here. Palpable fear condensed in the halls, lying a thin surface of tension down on the walls. I'd ignored it so long, until the transmission caught my eye.

    <\\ SUBJECT: Baby?

    Lee? Baby? We're on opposite sides now... I don't know what to say... Maybe we can do this. Just like Romeo and Juliet, except maybe not the end bit. Please return this transmission when you get it. Love you.

    ~ Your bby


    It took me a few seconds to process what was going on. "Opposite sides? No..." I couldn't keep those words locked in my mouth. Damned idiots, they should know that I'm being watched!
    My terminal locks down. Instantly, the alert siren cues up, painting the theatre-sized room in red light. The door at the bottom hisses, and a pair of armored Spartans comes in, assault rifles in hand. I couldn't freeze. I had to move.

    Taking one last look at my little slice of hell, I grabbed the tacpad and ducked under the table. It was the only thing I'd managed to convince them didn't need replacing. They'd made a mistake. I'd taken it off of their grid, made some improvements, and put it back on. Now my signal bounced through the other nearby pads, crossing over itself hundreds of times. I was a ghost in the system. Bringing up the display of power, I quickly shut it down. This wouldn't give me too much of an advantage, so I had to think of something else quick. Those Spartan's lights activated, giving me a clear indication of where they were at in reference to me. I only had a few seconds more to think. My fingers moved on the pad automatically, activating the comm function. The pad wormed its way into their helmet's channels, and blasted an ear-splitting screech just as they rounded the table and trained their guns on me.

    I could hear one bellow in his helmet, both holding their rifle in one hand as the other desperately scrabbled to get it off. They weren't playing enough attention to me, so I drew my Magnum. When one ripped off his helmet, throwing it to the ground, I fired. I heard a scream somewhere in the room. I launched myself forwards, towards the now deceased Spartan. My free hand yanked the weapon away from his grasping fingers, and the other holstered the pistol. I put a spray of rounds in the other's chest, threw the rifle on the ground, grabbed my pad, and bolted for the exit. This was my chance. They couldn't seal the bulkhead door in time, so I sprinted through, in too much of a hurry to care about the power being on in the following sector.

    I had to get to the elevator. I wasn't going to slow down. By now, the whole bottom of the facility was on lockdown. I slowed down just enough to pull out my pad, putting in the sequences and codes needed to force open doors. There it was. The elevator! Hope! ...And it had three more Spartans inside.
    They'd just turned and saw me when I had hit the button to send the elevator down. Nobody was going to stand in my way. Vaulting over the safety gate, I signaled the elevator to come back up, standing on top of it. It was time to leave.

    Forcing the elevator to stop just below the exit to the shaft, I clambered out. Up here, they didn't know of the battle down below. I carefully picked my way towards the garage. Repurposing a Mongoose, I drove out of the base, just as my hunters were freed from their temporary cage. By the time I'd crested a hill towards the city, I could hear the sirens being raised.

    Present Day...

    I had to lose the armor as soon as I had slipped into the city. Three weeks could be hard on a guy with only a tacpad and a Magnum. My regulation hair had lost its touch first. Stubble grew up on both sides of my face, making me seem unfriendly. That was okay. I'd siphoned off some teller machine at a coffee shop one day, using the credits to buy some clothes that weren't found after rooting around in the alleys. I used the pad to fool some fool that thought it was my account paying for the room I was staying in. It was his credit chip I'd spoofed. I was a ghost again.

    <\\ SUBJECT: Hey.

    Hey, Solus. Been a rough few weeks without you here, I've been making ends meet though. See what you and Nervy can do about finding me back here. They saw your transmission and I had to bolt, so I'm in the city. Tell them to be subtle, or else we'll get shot down trying to leave.
    Message me back when you can. Love you.

    ~Your Puppy


    All I could do now was wait. They'd come back for me, even if it took awhile.

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    Re: Escape

    I love it! Really good work, Lee!

    Australia: Where 90% of animals are trying to kill you. The other 10% just do it by accident.

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    Re: Escape

    Loving it!

    "Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or empty stage".

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    Re: Escape

    We're coming to get you honey, don't worry!
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    You are still a moron but not a godless fucking one
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    Re: Escape

    Quote Originally Posted by Solus Exsequor View Post
    We're coming to get you honey, don't worry!
    You're up for writing part 3, Solus. Get to it!

    Australia: Where 90% of animals are trying to kill you. The other 10% just do it by accident.

    [8:10:37 AM] riphelix: Nova I need too borrow your accent tomorrow please, I got a date and I wanna impress her
    [8:11:07 AM] Nervy: Sex guaranteed!!

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