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    Dungeons and Dragons

    Who would be interested in a few nights of Skype run DnD?!

    We may be limited in the number of people who can play, so sign up quick!!

    Skype Name:
    Best Day/Time:
    Can you DM?:

    We will need to go through various ideas of what kind of game first and creating our guys! But IF possible it would be great to see if a Halo game of it would work.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: Mythonian
    Best Day/Time: My schedule is pretty flexible
    Can you DM?: Preferably not
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: VerbotenDonkey
    Best Day/Time: Anytime
    Can you DM?: Would prefer not to, but I do have a DnD starter kit for at least one premade campaign.

    Not sure if you have any idea where you're taking this yet, but is an excellent site for online DnD campaigns.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: You've got it
    Best Day/Time: Fri/Sat after 5PM EST
    Can you DM?: Nope

    Don't bother trying to fit me if you can't. I know how difficult my times can be.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: Metkil
    Best Day/Time: Monday and Wednesday Evenings (Eastern US)
    Can you DM?: Well, someone in my campaign just got his leg bitten off by a basilisk and is most likely going to die to the dragon they have to fight next session since he can't run anymore. I happen to be the evil bastard that caused it, so yes I can DM. I take sick glee in player misery. I mean, I enjoy giving a story rich and entertai.....who am I kidding? I'm the Dark Souls of DMs.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: nervydestroyer554
    Best Day/Time: Whenever
    Can you DM?: What the hell is a DM? Gonna go with no on this one...
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: raptora015
    Best Day/Time: My schedule is flexible.
    Can you DM?: Don't know what that is but nope.

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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    REDD or BLUE Resistance comes through!
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: w3z4b1
    Best Day/Time: It's pretty much random, nights work best.
    Can you DM?: I could but I seem to be only gud when I DM for scrubs. So better not.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: JonOU812
    Best Day/Time: Random
    Can you DM?:

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