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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: cpt_nick94
    Best Day/Time: depends, but should be active enough
    Can you DM?: fuck off....but seriously no, I don't have the slightest clue about being the master. This will be my first time playing D&D, I understand the concept though.
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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name:tekimari
    Best Day/Time:anyday
    Can you DM?: no D;

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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: Cube_Knight
    Bestday/time: Usually late on weekdays when the school year starts but the weekends are best

    Alright I'm adding everyone before this post into a skype group though I can only DM a game of 5 at a time so I can try and do 2 groups at one time but if someone else would be willing to help DM another group that would be great.

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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: carpevexillum
    Best Day/Time: Varies but I'm open.
    Can you DM?: For sure, but I've done it too much previously.

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    Re: Dungeons and Dragons

    Skype Name: Wolfpack
    Best Day/Time: Weekends
    Can you DM?: Nope, Also I'm not sure how current or ongoing this still is. Also, I have seen a halo rp technically work.

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