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    Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    Halo is very much unlike most modern FPS games these days. Multiplayer tends not to hold your hand on the way through such as Call of Duty or other FPS games so you have to be very skilled in order to be successful in the game. Since we are all here to help each other out and have fun, I thought I would share a few tips I've learned over my time of playing Halo and also give everyone a chance to post their tips down below. So let's get started:

    Tips for Halo in General
    - Grenades are key to success. However, it seems like a lot of players tend to forget they are even there to use. It will help out a ton if you are able to grenade-bounce and aim your grenades properly. But don't just throw and forget, most grenades will only damage an enemy's sheilds. So make sure you follow up a grenade with a few rounds to the head or chest area. However, you should also know when it is necessary to use them. There are plenty of situations where your weapon will do just fine.

    - The Battle-Rifle is probably the most reliable weapon (except for the power weapons of course) in almost every halo. It only takes about 4 or 5 bursts to kill and enemy on each game and is extremely accurate at close to mid-range so make sure you always pick one up of you get the chance.

    - Teamwork is a big part of Halo so make sure you have a headset and you are both communicating and working together. Do things like call out enemy positions or alert your team if the enemy gets a power weapon. This will really help you out in the long-run.

    - Forge has a lot more uses than just editin maps for custom games. Forge will also give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the different maps in each Halo game without having to worry about being shot at in the process. Use forge to figure out weapon spawns, vantage points, jump access, and a lot more to help you win in matchmaking.

    - Strafing is a great thing to do in a gunfight. Short/Quick strafes will help dodge gunfire in a close-range encounter. While long and unpredictable strafes will help dodge gunfire in long range engagements. Just make sure you keep being accurate and adjust your aim to your movement.

    - Knowing each map will really help you out in the long run. You'll be able to know where your enemies are and how to get the drop on them. Like stated above, forge is a great thing to use to start memorizing your map layouts.

    Alright, now for some game specific tips:

    Halo Combat Evolved
    -Most of the rules above will apply to this game. The only game specific tip I can give is to always keep an eye around you. The players in the MCC really like voting on those close-quarters CE maps so always being alert is really going to help for this game.

    Halo 2/Halo 2 Anniversary
    - This was really already stated, but the Battle Rifle is a very good weapon to use, but it shines a little bit brighter in Halo 2. Remember to stay accurate and your foes will fear you when you get that BR. Also, you can melee an enemy and quickly finish them off with a point-blank BR shot to the head. Giving you a quick and easy kill.

    -In Halo 2 Anniversary, each map has new interactive elements. These will allow you to quickly gain an advantage over your opponents. So use them! These elements range from having a large shield in the center of the map, to shooting down giant pieces of ice to crush your opponents. They are extremely effective in a match.

    Halo 3
    (Truthfully I can't think of tips for Halo 3 specifically...if you have some then post them below so I can add it to the list.)

    Halo 4
    - Halo 4 is the first to feature a loadout system. Use it. Its one of the best and most extremely helpful additions to the game because it allows that guaranteed starting weapon, as well as armor abilities, perks, and different grenades, and more. So build that perfect load out for your playstyle.

    - Sprinting is also very helpful. Use it at the beginning of a match to get to the power weapons faster. Or if you are in a sticky situation, then don't be afraid to turn around and run. There is no shame in leaving to let your sheilds recharge and then wrecking havoc on your enemy later on.

    - The Boltshot has a secret little use to it, most people think the Boltshot is relatively useless due to its weak basic fire. However if you hold down the trigger button, the Boltshot will fire 5 rounds at the same time giving it a shotgun-like effect and giving you a one-shot kill at close range.

    Now please remember that this list is always a work in progress and will be constantly added to as more tips are revealed. Was there a tip you would like to share? Post it below or PM me and I will add it to the list. I hope you all found something helpful in this list and I will see you on the battlefield.
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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    I like this a lot, very comprehensive and helpful. I think a tip for all games could be that short/quick strafes are helpful in close encounters, whereas longer strafes with unpredictable changes are helpful at long range.

    I would also advise people not to consistently mess with their settings, such as sensitivity or button layout unless they think it'll make them play better in the long run.
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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    This is great! An addition I would like to make is knowing the maps and taking the advantage whenever possible. Positioning is key. Where you place yourself and having good situational awareness is the best way to be successful. Know where you are and know where the enemy is and get the drop on them.
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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    My tips : use your thumbs and the press R trigger Commentary from Guzzie and I in halo 4

    It has useful tips and info
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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    Grenades are often over used and used at the wrong times by casual players. I actually suggest the opposite. Try not to use grenades so much; rely on your shot and game sense to overcome an opponent in a 1v1 situation. Getting caught throwing a bad grenade will cause you to get killed against a skilled opponent. The grenade animation is equivalent to 2 br shots (time wise). By the time you are done throwing your nadeuou will be down considerably in a BR fight.
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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    Thanks for your input everyone! I'm glad to know this was something that could really help out the community here. Also, I have made some adjustments based on your suggestions.

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    Re: Halo Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Game

    Great tips! Certainly need to shake off the rust so these will definitely help.

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