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    <\\ SUBJECT: Hey.

    Hey, Solus. Been a rough few weeks without you here, I've been making ends meet though. See what you and Nervy can do about finding me back here. They saw your transmission and I had to bolt, so I'm in the city. Tell them to be subtle, or else we'll get shot down trying to leave.
    Message me back when you can. Love you.

    ~Your Puppy


    The next day, Wolf Demon Lee

    Uncertainty is one of the largest fears of all mankind. Not knowing what was going to happen next, not knowing how long Solus was going to take to get to me, not knowing if BLUE was still tracking me, it was excruciating to think about. Sending that message yesterday was very risky. I'd be surprised if the BLUE wasn't tracking every transmission from the entire planet, let alone the city closest the base. All I could hope for was that Solus would find me before BLUE did.

    One of the modifications keeping me busy that morning was on the room's removable comms transmitter. I had rewired some of the circuits so that it was now a discreet distress beacon - a great contingency plan if things went south. If Solus came for me, but I wasn't here, he'd know I was in trouble and he'd be able to find me with this.

    Morning passes, but still nothing from anyone. I was filling the time playing games on my tacpad just before the screen went completely blue. My heart sped up as massive white letters slowly appeared on the screen, one after another.


    By the time all the letters were on the screen I had leaped off the bed and grabbed my magnum, still sitting on the bedside table. I threw the pad on the floor, sending pieces of it all across the room. Quickly stashing the makeshift distress beacon in my back pocket, I slammed open the door and sprinted down the hall. As I approaced the end of the hall, the shiny silver doors in front of me opened, revealing a group of men covered in blue armor inside the elevator. My shoes squealed on the retro lino flooring as I tried to turn myself around, and I could hear one of the men yell out "Get him!" before the sounds of 5 sets of heavy footsteps drowned out any other noise on the floor. I was now heading to the other end of the floor, where there was a set of emergency stairs waiting to greet me. The BLUE spartans kept pace with me the whole way, including on the stars, even though I was a couple hundred poounds lighter thanks to not having a massive set of armor on. It was obvious I was losing my physique, but I kept sprinting anyway. I made it down to the glass lobby and went to rush out the door when I saw the Warthogs sitting right outside on the road. Two of them, full of BLUE troops waiting for me in case I bolted out the front door. I turned towards the far end of the lobby and burst right through the fully glass wall onto the solid cement pavement. The ringing in my ears drowned out the sounds of screaming of pedestrians and drivers alike as they all sped away from me. I began my sprint down the street.

    I could hear the sounds of Warthog engines quickly approaching me as I pull the beacon out of my pocket and slam my hand into it, activating the signal. I continue down the street while the hogs screech around the corner and catch eye of me. I could see someone scrambling to start their car. "I need this!" I yelled as I pulled them from the driver's seat and sped off down the road with the BLUE hogs still right behind me. The car is surprisingly fast for a civilian model, only barely slower than the Warthogs behind me. Their speed isn't matched by their driving, though, as I'm easliy able to outmaneuver them in this heavy traffic. I take as many turns as possible and zig-zag through all manner of traffic as most of the drivers swerve out of my way. I turn around another corner and almost slam into another two Warthogs, obviously trying to cut me off. I don't even pay attention to them, swerving around them easily and continuing to push my car at full speed down the road, when I came to a massive bridge. I wouldn't be able to keep my lead for long if I messed around and took too long on it and I could hear gunshots coming from behind, as if my pursuers were trying to hit me from back there, so I drove my foot even harder on the pedal and rushed down the long stretch at unimaginable speeds. It only took half the bridge length before two Warthogs were ramming into me, with the other two just behind that. I took a second look at the back two hogs, and it was then I realised the occupants weren't in blue - they were REDD! I was too worried about getting away to even think that the hogs I had run into back there were trying to help me! I was about to screech to a stop when a rocket flew past the front of the car, missing me by mere inches, but hitting the major bridge support beyond that, decimating anything near it. The bridge came out from under me and my car promptly followed...

    The day before, Solus Exsequor

    The transmission flickered on the screen in front of me. I'm an idiot! What was I thinking, sending Lee a message like that? Now BLUE was after him too, and it was my fault. "We're coming to get you honey, don't worry." I quietly said under my breath while tracing the source of the transmission.

    I filled the rest of the squad in on what was happening. Nervy was the first one to speak up. "I'm sorry to say this, Solus, but Lilith doesn't want anyone from the squad going anywhere just yet. We're still under watch from our little BLUE fiasco."
    "Well I'm going whether or not Renegade is coming with me. I don't care what Lilith says. If this op goes well I'll be back before he even realises. I'll find someone else to go with me." I repled as I start for the door.
    "You can't seriously sit me out twice?" Axel said as he blocked the door. "Last time you stormed an entire BLUE base and didn't let me blow up a single thing. That's not going to happen again. I'm going."
    "Axel, it's a stealth operation. That usually-"
    "I'm going." He repeats, more aggressively this time as he cut me off, followed by a short silence.
    "Ok. You can come along," I finally replied, "but you won't be doing anything unless shit hits the fan, ok? We leave at dawn." Axel nodded and walked off. I continued through the now unblocked door, pulled out my commpad, and called a special number. "Hello. I need some help. Who have you got in the way of stealth..."

    The next morning...

    I walked out into the vehicle bay, and there to greet me were two Warthogs - the assault one full of REDD marines I had coaxed into joining me, and the troop transport one with Axel leaning on it and two other spartans, fully covered in black Wetwork armor just like I had set up last night, standing next to it talking to one another. I approached them and briefed them on what was happening. They didn't hesitate to jump in the Warthog, one sitting across from me in the passenger seat and the other next to Axel in the back. I drove off, my marine escort right behind. "It's going to be a long car trip. Get confortable back there."


    "If we're going to do this operation smoothly, I'm going to have to know who I'm working with." I ask the two dark spartans while driving towards the city.
    The one next to me speaks up. "I'm Wdowiak. The one back there's Ace. We're both just about ready to quit the merc business and join some more official companies."
    "If this goes well, I'll be happy to put you in with the Empire. A few positions were recently vacated and need filling as soon as possible." I respond. As we get into the city I hold my arm up to my mouth, broadcasting my voice into the helmets of everyone in both hogs. "Assault hog, I need you to follow until two blocks from the destination, where you will stop and wait for further instructions. Ace, Wdowiak, you're with me. Axel, you're staying here. Your equipment's too bulky to go inside with us, so you're covering the Warthog. Remember gents, this is a stealth operation. That means best case scenario is nobody shoots and nobody gets shot. Lets go rescue Lee."

    We all go as planned and I park the Warthog around the corner from the hotel. Axel doesn't even acknowledge the stop and just keeps looking down at the rocket launcher he brought along. Ace and Wdowiak jump from the vehicle and follow me along the pavement, silenced SMGs in hand. As we approach the corner I speak up. "Watch out for BLUEs around this area. There's a reason I brought-" We turn the corner and I catch a glimpse at the destroyed glass wall and assortment of police vehicles around the building. "Lee!" I yelled as I darted right towards the lobby, throught all the police and burst through the door. "What happened here?!" I yell to the woman as I tower over her and the policeman standing next to her.
    "I don't know. Some guy ran through it not even five minutes ago." She replied. Ace and Wdowiak catch up to me.
    "Ace, check every signal type known to human. Wdowiak, check this whole area for anything to help find him. I'll be right back." I say to the two as I bolt up to the room the signal was coming from, only to find a completely empty room, except that sitting there on the floor, was Lee's tacpad, shattered. I hear Ace on the comms. "I've picked up an unknown distress signal. It's weak, but it's moving through the city fast."
    "That's got to be Lee!" I yell back at Ace. "Get a lock on that signal and get back to the hog. We're moving! NOW!" I sprint faster than I thought possible back down the stairs and across the street to the Warthog, jump in the driver seat, and screech the tires as we take off down the road towards the signal. "Assault hog, Ace just sent you a signal. Track it and attempt to cut it off. Shit just hit the fan."

    It takes a few minutes of full-speed driving and swerving thought traffic before we hear the screeches of a car chase happening near us, and by that time, the assault Warthog had caught up to us and was following right behind. We race around the next corner at the same time the signal does and we see a small car zoom past us followed by two assault Warthogs full of BLUE clad soldiers as we slam on the brakes and slide around, now behind all of them. We continue attempting to catch up the the three vehicles, running right onto a bridge. Our assault hog overtook us and began firing at the BLUEs once they were in range. Our warthog follows shortly before the middle of the bridge. I yell out "When we get close I need you to-" Out of nowhere Axel stands up in the backseat with a rocket launcher rested on his shoulder as he aims it up with the vehicles ahead of us.
    "I can hit them from here. I'm going to take the shot!" He yells.
    "Axel, do NOT take the shot! There is too much risk here! You could hit an innocent!"
    "Too bad." He says as the launcher releases a rocket from its grasp and lets it fly towards the chaos in front of us. The rocket is way too wide of the first BLUE hog and scratches the second one, flying horrifyingly close to the car the signal was coming from and colliding right into the biggest beam on the bridge. The entire bridge let out an ear-shattering screech as the road ahead of us dipped down into the city below. All three warthogs in front of us and the car lifted off the road before slamming back down. Our hog was far enough away to give all four of us an opportunity to jump out before any massive damage happened to it. The hog slid to one side and thudded on the ground as it flipped over and over until it stopped a few yards ahead.
    "Are you fucking crazy!? You could have killed us all!" One of the dark spartans yell.
    "I had the shot! If you could have kept still it would have hit, too!" Axel counters.
    "Oh, so it was my fault now, was it!?"
    "That's what I just said. Do you have a hard time understanding that!?" I catch Axel's arm as he pulls it back.
    "Stop it the both of you!" I began yelling. Axel pulls his arm from my grasp. "I don't care who did what. What matters is that we get... Lee!" I bolted towards the car, which was now teetering half off the bridge, and pull the motionless Lee from the driver's seat and drag him back from the crumbling edge. "Lee! Wake up! You're not dead! COME ON!" The car he was in just moments ago plummets down onto the street below with a giant thud. I place my fingers lightly on his throat and can feel the blood still pulsing. "Ohhhh, you're not dead! You're not dead!" He lets out a massive groan and begins opening his eyes and moving his arms.
    "Baby?" I pull him up to a sitting position and almost strangle him with the force of my arms pulling him as close as physically possible.
    "Yeah. It's me. I've got you." I reply, a single tear carving a line on my cheek as I shiver uncontrollably. "I almost lost you. From now on you're never leaving my side. Ever." We take a few minutes to regain ourselves before heading back to the now upright Warthog and jumping in the back.
    "Both BLUE Warthogs went over the edge and our backup has already left. They said they had a civilian with major head trauma and were going to take them to the authorities. They said something about him being important to you and were planning on bringing him back to the REDD infirmary after his immediate wounds are taken care of." Wdowiak informs me.
    "But I've got Lee right here. They must have the wrong person..." I reply. "One of you drive us home. I need to stay in the back with my baby." They comply and we head off. "Welcome to the REDD, all three of you!"

    The next day, NervyDestroyer

    I walked into the infirmary and saw Nova laying there on the nearest bed, still not moving since the BLUE incident. "He's still in a stable condition." The doctor said. "We've been monitoring him twenty-four-seven and there haven't been any abnormalities. He'll recover just fine, it'll still probably be a few more days though."
    "Thank you." I said in reply.
    "Nervy?" I hear as I start to leave. It can't be, can it?
    "Poly! You're here!" I exclaimed as I realised who the occupant of the adjacent bed was. "But how?"
    "You're not going to belive me, but I was coming to visit you guys when this crazy firefight happened and some lunatic blew the entire bridge I was on sky high..."
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    All the yes


    I almost cried

    I love this

    I need my fix

    What's going to happen?!
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    Guess who's back?
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    So first I get my squad tortured, then I don't help rescue another member of Renegade. Are you guys trying to tell me something? Hmm...
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    Needs even more gay

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    20 v cash if I get put into the story as the guy that raids the fridge for a block of cheddar cheese and is never seen again.
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