://Sending message @userid [B*****], CC [P******], CC [D*****], CC [S**********]

Paradox, The files you sent me have gotten me curious. I'm going to investigate them personally. As for the rest of you... I'm calling in those favours you owe me. Braxus? I need men. D-<error>, I need a ship. S-<error>, I need weapons. I'm sending you a full list of what I need below.

://Attachement 1:

1 Proclus class stealth prowler, crew, and 1 teleportation boarding craft

1 Titus class fleet carrier, crew

://Attachement 2:

combat Team: 2 Mgalekgolo, 6 unggoy, 1 Huragok, 1 sanghelli

://Attachement 3:

Weaponry: 1 energy sword, 7 plasma rifles, 2 beam modifications for Mgalekgolo armour, 1 focus rifle

Also needed: 2 "damage packs" of high explosive. 8 Napalm grenades. Respirators and combat armour with environmental systems built in, specialized in for myself and a sanghelli


://Incoming chat invite, Userid [B*****]

[B] Wait, hold on, you aren't going are you? You're too important to risk yourself like that.
Some things i just have to see for myself.
[D] Understandable, we need our intel to be accurate, especially with such... grave matters.
[B] ...
[S] I can supply you your weapons, but i still can't recommend this.
Hey, i'm curious.
[B] Then i'm going too.
Braxus, no.
[B] I'm curious.
Fine. anyone else coming?

[D] I'm apparently going to be preoccupied trying to make a fleet carrier disappear.
[D] You couldn't ask for something easier to get?

What, you can't do it?
[D] I never said that.
[S] This is a dangerous game you're playing saphira, you better know what you're doing.
[P] I've known saphira for many years, she knows what she's doing.
[P] The flood...
[P] I already have a team heading down there, you just let them do the heavy lifting alright?

Please, this is just a simple mission of observation.
[D] Never heard of a recon mission that needed a fleet carrier.
[B] Or hunters.
[S] Or enough explosives to take out a city block.
://You have left chat " "

:// sign off user [S******]?
://Signing off..

Saphira leaned back and lay down in her bed and closed her laptop. It had been a hell of a week. First, she got that surprise message from an un-named contact with the flood files. Then, after spreading the encryption key around, she started getting messages from Braxus, Paradox, and others about "flood files" of varying size and severity. She had sent teams out to investigate and confirm the information, but there was one she had to see for herself. Plus, it was about time to move on from this planet anyways. She was starting to settle in too much; it was time to get back onto the field.

A flood research facility... the implications were terrifying. She tried to keep herself from committing to either side- Giving herself massive amounts of intel, but also a bounty or two on her head, and she knew that this wasn't going to end well. This wasn't a search for a cure, it was a weapons research plant, and if they've really been working on it since the second war? It was almost done. It had to be.

A knock at her door startled her out of her thoughts. She quickly threw on a long shirt to cover herself and went to answer it. She grabbed her pistol from her desk and hid it under a hat near the door. Had the bounty hunters caught up? She eyed the peep hole. No, it was john, her civilian "cover" boyfriend. She opened the door and he greeted her with a smile. "Hey sweetie! Just stopped by for a bit before work to see you, Boss says he'll be running late, so we have to wait for him to unlock the building anyways." He pulled her in close and kissed her deeply. Well, I suppose she had to wait for the others to get everything anyways, She could wait a little while longer. She pulled him into her apartment and closed the door behind them, forgetting, at least for a little while, everything about the flood and her future mission.