Hello everyone!

I decided to start this project as a fun way to share neat tips and tricks about the vast world of the culinary arts with you. Besides, cooking is one of the most important life skills to have, and will come in handy no matter the situation. Want to spice up that college diet of cup-o-soups and microwave dinners? Are you on a first name basis with the Pizza Hut and Dominos delivery drivers? Maybe you are tired of your moms meatloaf and want to impress the family with new skills you pick up here. We can fix all of that!

Each week (or less!) Ill post a new topic to share with you. As we learn new skills, we can delve into more complicated recipes and more intricate items. Dont be intimidated. We will start slow! (yes, I do intend to start with how to boil water.) Ill also share tips on what items are a must in any kitchen, and how certain items can be used to do things that you didnt even think they could do.

Ill also set up Q&A threads for any questions that you may have with any of our lessons, or if you already know a thing or two and want to know something that helps you go that extra mile!

Cant wait to get started. Hope you are ready to learn!