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    May 4th, 0500, Legendary Nova

    The door slammed open and it was still dark outside. It must have been the CO and XO, Lieutenant General NervyDestroyer and Brigadier General Solus Exsequor, getting us up for a surprise dawn training. I opened my eyes slightly, awaiting Nervy's typical 'get up' routine. I was still dazed by the rude awakening, and all I could hear were very muffled sounds of the other squad members, sounds I could only assume were arising from complaints about the time of night it was.

    "Good morning, Staff Sergeant."

    That wasn't Nervy's voice! I swiftly rolled over only to be welcomed by a fully suited BLUE spartan's fist connecting with my face. My whole body shrivelled from the blow as the spartan tore the sheets from the bed and threw me onto the floor next to them. I rushed for his leg in an attempt to trip him up. In one clean motion he was on the floor right beside me. I pushed myself off the floor but before I got far I felt another boot from beind drive down on my back right into the floor again. My struggling just made the boot put more pressure on my spine. Having a quick look around the room I noticed that the muffled sounds from before were actually the rest of the squad in the same predicament as me. The room was now filled with two fully armored spartans for every Renegade member. The spartan I tripped up just before was now back on his feet. He let out a slight laugh and then ran his boot right onto my face with a force extreme enough to shatter a normal human's skull. My eyes receeded into the back of my head and my whole body went numb.

    May 3rd, 1438, NervyDestroyer

    "So it's a plan. We mobilize tomorrow morning, 0600." Field Marshal Ominous Solace announced to the rest of the members at the table. "General Guzzie, I need you to-"
    "No, it is not a plan, Ominous. My soldiers are not going to kill innocents just because there's a chance the REDD High Command will be caught in the area. They'll never do it, and you know that very well." I sternly interrupted. "Is this how you want the colonies to see us? As inhumane murderers who will destroy an entire civilian city just to have a chance to get at the REDDs? You've got to be kidding me!"
    "It is a calculated risk and a necessary measure, Nervy. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were losing loyalty. Hmm?" He replied without fault.
    "He's right, Ominous." Solus Exsequor spoke up. "If we do this, all the civilians in the sector will see us as worse than the people we're trying to save them from."
    "It won't matter how bad we look to the people if we don't secure this operation. Allowing REDD to regroup from their recent morale and numbers loss is unnacceptable. They are the enemies, remember, not us." Guzzie added.
    "Maybe they're not the enemies..." I muttered under my breath.
    "You said something, Nervy?" Major General Houdini questioned.
    "No. I didn't say anything." I quickly replied in an attempt to avoid suspicion.
    "Good. You're dismissed, the both of you." Ominous seemed more hostile in his words now. Solus and I got up and headed for the door. I turned to look at the remaining three at the table just before I got through the door. Ominous seemed to be wispering something to Guzzie while they were both glaring right at me. Guzzie nodded and wispered back a short sentence. Solus and I both left the room and headed back to the Renegade Officer's sleeping quarters.
    "We're leaving. Tonight." I said the instant I made sure the door was closed securely. Solus knew exactly what I meant and just nodded his head.

    May 3rd, 2358, MACnCHEESEstiks

    "Hey, get up." Nervy's voice echoed through my sleep deprived head. "Mac. Get up. Now."
    "Wha-" He cuts me off by shoving his hand over my mouth.
    "Be quiet." He wispered into my ear. "You and Ice are coming with me. I need your help. Meet me at the Southern most area of the facility. I'll fill you in more when we get there. You remember that experimental virus you were tinkering with a few days ago? Upload that to the mainframe in a dormant state while you go there. Make sure you can activate it remotely" I'm still confused as he gets up and starts towards the door. "And don't get caught by anyone." He adds before leaving as quickly as he arrived. I get up to look around at the others in the barracks. All of them are still asleep, except for Ice, who is halfway through suiting up.
    "You'd better hurry." He says. "Whatever Nervy's up to, it's important and we don't have a very long time to do it. You got that virus?" I nod, suit up, and we both begin quietly moving to where Nervy had instructed us to as I tap away on my commpad setting up the virus for Nervy's plan.

    May 4th, 0014, Solus Exsequor

    I had just finished spray painting my armor black with a spray can stolen from the craft center when Nervy came back in with the equipment. He was holding a sniper rifle in each hand and a bunch of magazines clipped on two belts hanging around his shoulders. He handed me one of each and then a silencer. "Be quick with getting the rest of your suit on. We won't have very long until they find the missing weapons." He said.
    "I know... Are you sure it's right to leave the rest of the squad behind like this? Ominous is going to have their heads on spikes once he finds out what we've done." I question. I have a growing feeling that this may be the wrong thing to do, but Nervy is insistent in his words.
    "We're not leaving them behind. All we're doing right now is going to get some help. The amount of people we're taking is already too big. If we don't move quickly, we'll easily be caught. I can't risk taking anyone else this first time, and I can't get in touch with the squad or my other contact from here. We have to get out now. Ominous would be crazy not to have our lines being monitored." He replied. His voice became more determined with every word. "Oh, and give me your helmet." I complied with his request. I sat there as he shoved a crowbar into the helmet, causing it to spark a bit. "Your comms system. They can track you with that if you don't... disable it." He handed it back and I waited for the electricity to stop pouring out of the destroyed equipment before putting it on. There was no backing out of this now. We took a few more minutes to finish suiting up before opening the door.

    May 4th, 0624, AXEL3122

    "One more time, shall we? Where are your commanding and executive officers? Where are your friends, Mac and Ice? Where are they?" The voice was more angry this time. I still couldn't see their face. The room was too dark and the desk lamp near blinded me.
    "And one more time, I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled into the abyss. The blood from my nose drew a shiny red line down the side of my face and was dripping from the bottom of my chin onto the solid cold ground.
    "Well, we're not going to get anything out of you from brute force, that's for sure. How about this instead?" The voice once again grew more maniacal with each syllable. The metal restraints around my wrists and ankles suddenly tightened before they began to burn red hot, the metal searing my very flesh. They went for a full sixty seconds like this before cooling down, the mystery voice once again there to ask me the everlasting question. "How about now? Hmm? Have you suddenly had a change of memory?"
    "I am telling you the truth, I don't know! And even if I did, I WOULDN'T TELL YOU!" I could hear the ringing sound of hundreds of metal pieces all working in unison to keep me stationary on the chair as I struggled with great effort to get them to release me.
    "He's not going to talk right now. Take him to the holding cell." A bag was forced onto my head and I could feel the fierce grip of a spartans restraining my hands and head as the metal that had just before been impossible to move quickly let go of my wrists. I was lifted from the chair by a third spartan holding my feet so strongly that I was surprised they weren't being crushed. They carried me this way, along with a fair amount of struggling by me, for a good few minutes before they threw me onto a freezing cold surface and lifted the bag from my head. I was surrounded by three solid concrete walls and one I could only assume was solid steel a foot or so thick. The spartans left through the reinforced door before struggling immensely to shut the massively heavy weight and lock it five different ways. I regained my senses and surveyed the room for anything or anyone. There was someone in the corner, laying on the ground motionless. I rushed over. It was Nova... He had the same burn marks around his wrists and ankles as me but was bleeding a lot worse and his face was almost completely colored purple. He was still breathing, but just barely.
    "Axel...?" He asked, breath after breath becoming more and more difficult.
    "It's me. Hold on, okay. They said that Nervy, Solus, Mac, and Ice are all missing. I don't know what's happening, but they've got to be working on getting us out, yeah?" I tried reassuring him.
    "Okay... I think I... just need to... rest... a moment..." He managed to say.
    "Yeah... Me too..." I said, my breathing now also getting more difficult. He drifted into unconsciousness, and I shortly followed.

    May 4th, 0047, MACnCHEESEstiks

    We were waiting for about half an hour before Nervy and Solus show up, sporting full stealth equipment. "You uploaded that virus yet?" Nervy asks.
    "It's all ready." I reply.
    "Overload the power in this section, quickly." I tap away at my commpad for a few moments before the lights all simultaeously get brighter and brighter before destroying themselves. Nervy takes the commpad from my hands and smashes it onto the ground. "They can track you through that, and your helmet, too. Take it off and disable the comms." After we do this, he once again speaks up, "Ok. We've got about ten more minutes to get out of the facility before they fix the power. After that, my contact is a few clicks away. Let's get moving." We all fall in line behind him.

    May 4th, 0118, ???

    I see a group of four spartans coming towards me and let out a single whistle. One of them replies back with two identical whistles to my fist one. I approach that spartan as the others set up around the hill. "Nervy. It's been too long."
    "I know. Sorry this reunion couldn't be on more positive terms. We don't have too long. Have you got the equipment?" Nervy replies.
    "Of course I do. You don't want to know how expensive this was to get way out here on such short notice. You owe me lots of beers once this all calms down." I joke sarcastically.
    "Come back to Renegade and I'll be able to do that a lot quicker." He replies in an equally funny sarcastic way.
    "You know I can't do that right now, Nervy. Too much going on for me to be able to."
    "The invitation's always open. You can come back whenever you want."
    "I'll hold you to that." I finally say as the squad walks off down the hill.

    May 4th, 0126, NervyDestroyer

    "Who was that?" Mac asks.
    "And old friend. He used to fight with us, now he just helps where he can." I answer. "Now lets hope this works like he said it would." I open up the long distance channel and broadcast right into the middle of the colonies - straight to Earth.
    "Who is this and how did you get this frequency?" The voice on the other side of the channel questions.
    "My name is Lieutenant General NervyDestroyer of the Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles. I am currently broadcasting my exact location to you. My squad and I need your help."
    "And I'm just meant to believe you?" The voice replies as if I'm crazy. I fill him in on the entire BLUE plan to raid the city and kill millions of innocents. The channel goes silent for a few moments before I hear a second voice in the background.
    "Sir, we have been recieving reports of a BLUE base only a few clicks from the coordinates this broadcast is originating from. Also, all our intel of their current Field Marshal points towards this plan being a legitimate concern. If this soldier is telling the truth, he and his squad could be the thing we need to win this war."
    "Alright. I have been convinced. I will send a single company to assist you in rescuing your squad mates and evacuating you to Empire controlled space. But be warned, they will be equipped with long range nuclear missiles. If they see even a glimpse of this being a trap, they will open fire on the entire base, killing anyone inside. Am I clear?"
    "Crystal." I reply.
    "Give my men six hours. They'll be there."

    May 4th, 0726, xNightwishKitty

    The five of us - Myself, Deadlife, Deedway, Cyber, and Blackwatch - were just hanging there, each of us locked to the walls in six different places thanks to the experimental energy restraints the BLUE were working on. Nova and Axel had been taken from the group about half an hour ago and still weren't back. Chances were that they wouldn't ever be. The rest of the squad grew increasingly tired, mostly due to the immense struggling they had all done in attempt to break free. We were all getting more worried as well, as we anticipated the hours to come... Three armored spartans walked into the room. "Which one does he want?" Said the first one.
    "Him." The second one said while pointing right at me. The third spartan tapped a button on his commpad and all the energy restraints on me dissipated into the air. I dropped to the ground with a loud thud and I instantly felt sick. The spartans dragged me out of the room and down to another with a completely clear wall staring into one of the holding cells. In there were Nova and Axel laying on the ground barely moving. I was shoved right into the window, forced to stare right at the two. A voice called out from the other side of the room I was in.
    "Do you want to end up looking like that? See, it's a very simple process to not end up that way - all you have to do is answer a few questions. Obviously, they didn't. Now, for you, we were going to do the same as them, but obviously that isn't working. So we came up with this - you answer the questions, and we won't make them look any worse. Let's begin, shall we?" The spartans pulled me from the wall and forced me into a chair, which then restrained me with some very old-fasioned metal cuffs. Suddenly, the whole facility shook as if a minor earthquake was happenning. The lights in the room dimmed for a moment before returning to normal. "What was that!?" The interrogator yelled into his commpad. "What do you mean by that? Sort it out!" He was getting frustrated. "You three, stay here and guard this one. I have things to attend to." He got up and started for the door. As he placed his hand on the door pad, the wall behind me blew into pieces.

    May 4th, 0730, iceera88

    It was early morning when I see the armada of pelicans the REDD had sent to us. Nervy wasn't joking around when he said they would bring some serious overkill. Just from what I could see straight away, there were at least five tanks and a dozen warthogs. They all dropped from the pelicans behind our makeshift encampment. "Get in!" Said the driver of a red colored wathog with a REDD flag sticking out of it. There were two 'hogs with the gunner and passenger seats vacant. I jumped into the passenger side of one and was welcomed with a railgun sitting on the seat. I grabbed it and set up, Solus jumping my warthog's chain gun. The whole company started rolling down into the BLUE facility, and the tanks started the party. Once we were in range, they simultaneously opened fire into the main building, causing one of the automated towers to crumble. The warthogs sped into the base and let shells fly every way. Solus yelled out from the back of the hog as he pumped bullets into anything that moved. The red clothed driver spoke up again. "Where would your squad be?"
    "The holding cells! Over there!" I yelled as I pointed to the single-story building over in the distance. The driver sped right up to the wall as I let a railgun shot blast right into one of the rooms and blast three BLUE spartans across the room. Nightwish was sitting there in the middle of the room strapped to the chair.
    "You took your sweet time." I hear him say as I unstrap him and hand him my assault rifle. "Axel and Nova are right there, but they're badly hurt. They won't be able to move far. The others are just down the hall." He says. I blow a hole into the next room with my railgun and get the warthog driver to signal for an evac pelican. Nightwish and I each take Axel and Nova to the pelican.
    "You guys go and get the rest of the squad! I'll stay here and cover the pelican!" Solus yelled out, still spraying bullets downrange. Nightwish and I rushed into the building to get the rest of the squad.

    May 4th, 0742, Deadlife1243

    The whole facility has gone into lockdown. I sounds like a warzone outside, and rightly so. If I know Nervy, and I'd like to think that I do, he would spare nothing to save us. All but one of the spartans have left the room to defend the building, and the last one is preoccuppied yelling commands through their commpad. The lights dip and I can feel the energy restraints looseining. The others have the same idea, and they all look at me for timing. I signal - 3... 2... 1... Go. We all break our restraints and tackle the spartan to thr ground. The four of us overwhelm him and we manage to knock him out. I take his magnum and Deeway takes the assault rifle. We barge out of the door, and to our surprise, Iceera and Nightwish are standing there waiting for us. "Look who didn't need saving after all." Ice remarks. We follow him down the hall and around a corner to where there are half a dozen BLUE soldiers waiting for us. I open fire and manage to take down two of them almost instantly. "Watch out! You don't have any armor on, remember?" Ice exclaims. I continue shooting. Ice jumps out of cover and blasts the remaining BLUE soldiers with another railgun shot, but not before one of my legs feel like they're burning and I lose all support from it. Deedway and Blackwatch catch me as I fall and I see what had happened. A stray bullet managed to clip my leg enough to do some major damage. "We'll patch it up on the pelican" Ice assures me. Deedway picks me up and we continue on.

    May 4th, 0752, Deedway

    I carry the now injured Deadlife down the hallways, being ever so cautious with my footsteps as to not hurt him any more than he already has been. Ice and Nightwish take point and we reach the hole in the wall in no time. Ice and Nightwish set up around the debris and cover the newly made entrance while the rest of us rush for the evac pelican. Deadlife gets heavier with each step and we become slower and slower until he crumbles to the ground. Cyber runs back from the pelican to help me pick Deadlife up off the ground and we carry his entire body to the pelican. Once inside, we gently lay him on the floor and I rip the medkit of the wall of the vehicle. It bursts open the airtight seal and I search around until I find the biofoam canister. I pull it out and hold it just over Deadlife's leg before squeezing the trigger. Cyber and Blackwatch hold Deadlife's leg still as he yells out from the pain, quickly getting over the sensation and calming down. Ice and Nightwish jump on board and the pelican sets off. A REDD soldier hands us all a headset, before explaining with the words: "Your CO."
    "Hello? You guys there?" I hear Nervy say.
    "Yeah, we're out and they're all here." Ice replies.
    "That's great. Good job, guys. I'll see you all when we land."

    May 9th, 1800, PrdBlackWatch

    Nervy bursts open the door. "Alright squad. Time for Thursday night training. Everyone follow me to the activity center. Today you'll be repainting your armor." We all file in down to the center and each take up a different table, the rest of the squad throwing their armor onto it with a massive thud. "You guys get going on the paint. Remember, the armor need to be mostly red, but nobody told me you couldn't detail it in another color. You've got half an hour." The squad all begins and Nervy walks over to myself and Cyber, awkwardly standing there without even our original armor - the armor that wasn't even made yet back at the BLUE base. "Now, you two. You're getting the VIP treatment. Follow me." He begins down the hallway and we once again follow him until we get to a massive hangar-type area with a half dozen robotic arms. "You two... Get to design your very own custom armor! Each of you take a station - there are some soldiers there ready to help you make your suits. Enjoy yourselves."

    May 9th, 1810, CyberAnomaly

    I walk over to the far right station where a marine in full red color uniform greets me. "Hey there. You must be Cyber. Welcome to the Empire. I'm here to help you make your armor and give it those personal touches. How about you take a seat and we'll get started." I sit down. I'm given a large commpad-looking device and we begin on the armor.

    Enlisting in the BLUE, passing spartan training, joining a squad, being part of a massive operation against my own army, joining the opposing army, designing my own custom armor, all in a single week. Most people would've thought it would be madness. Me? I like it this way...

    What can I say? It's been one hell of a week!


    <\\ ENTER USER:

    <\\ SEARCHING...
    <\\ SEARCHING...
    <\\ SEARCHING...

    <\\ 2 RESULT(S) FOUND

    <\\ RESULT 1

    <\\ TO: [REDACTED]
    <\\ SUBJECT: Thanks

    Hey there. I'm just sending this to you to just say how grateful I am for what you did for me the other day. I don't think you'll ever truly realize how much it helped us get out of that situation. Oh, and check your bank account. I think you'll find a nice little surprise waiting there for you! Thanks, Helix. I really mean it.

    ~ Nervy


    <\\ RESULT 2

    <\\ SUBJECT: Hey

    Poly, King, long time no talk. How have you two been? Listen, Renegade may or may not have been in a little debate with the BLUE High Command, and we may or may not currently be halfway through respraying our armor red. You never know! Seriously, though. I miss you guys. When are you coming back? I know you've just gotten settled in your new place, Poly, but it's surprisingly close to where Renegade's stationed. King, hurry up and stop having life problems! When you are ready to come back, we're at [REDACTED]. You know where that is. I'll personally vouch for you both to come straight back into the squad without having to do all that nasty paperwork again. Talk later.

    ~ Nervy


    <\\ ENTER USER:
    Solus Exsequor

    <\\ SEARCHING...
    <\\ SEARCHING...
    <\\ SEARCHING...

    <\\ 1 RESULT(S) FOUND

    <\\ RESULT 1

    <\\ SUBJECT: Baby?

    Lee? Baby? We're on opposite sides now... I don't know what to say... Maybe we can do this. Just like Romeo and Juliet, except maybe not the end bit. Please return this transmission when you get it. Love you.

    ~ Your bby


    Holy freaking balls that was massive! Would you believe me if I started out writing this only expecting to get a few lines worth? If you read through the whole thing, you're awesome!

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